Wednesday, August 24, 2011


The "Best" Dog - Bruno
Everyone was his equal and his friend
I've been at it again and I just wish sometimes I could drop the whole white knight persona when it comes to righting wrongs.  Besides, as my sister used to say, "Who died and left you boss of the world?" 

Folks its a rant ..  again.  You see, sometimes I spend a bit of time reading horsey bulletin boards...  sometimes I get inspiration, sometimes camaraderie and sometimes really good advice or stories.  In this one (or two threads), I got a rant!

Why must "we" categorize folks with sweeping generalizations.  If I see one more thread begin "trashing" the rich for owning/riding/competing great horses at the top levels, I will be forced to "express" myself yet again in some wordy post (translate... controlled counter comments).

Being rich does not necessarily translate as spoiled, lazy, untalented riding on talented horses, nor does it mean that they do not have to work hard to achieve any level of competence.  Truthfully, I want to be rich and in some cultures, I am.

Yes, the young are full of life and yes, they may feel like our advice is somber and slow.  This is what makes them young.  Like a yearling running free in a pasture...  their wings are unclipped, their feet untethered.  Me?  I'm tethered to Advil, a career, a home, horse and two dogs.  I say, let them learn... some will gain by experience and great mentors, others by hard knocks...  oh, but they will learn.  One day, they will be us...  and, I hope they will be kind.

Nothing as deep as the ocean...
almost infinite
Once upon a time, way back when, I lived in a world where love and good things were limited.  It was a world of my own design.  It was like there was this cosmic bucket of all that is good in the world and if you got something good, the bucket was less full...  and, that meant ...  here it goes...  less good things for me. 

So with MUCH HELP and desire, I changed my outlook to believe that good things came from an infinite and deep spring...  when you took something out, the spring quickly filled in and sometimes, it even overflowed...  more good things than the universe could handle...

So, I wish them well!  Let them be judged on their own merits by the folks that know them.  May their horses stay sound, may they be grateful for what they have and may they give back to their community so it will be here for the rest of us...

And, may I do the same!  Karma baby...  good wishes out, good wishes in!


KC said...

Amen, sister! I don't think this is as much a rant as you think it's a reminder to be grateful for what we have, because guaranteed, we have more than many others. We all wish we could be richer - but what we do with what we have - and who we are - is just as important.

Whoa. That was deep. I'm off to get a glass of wine before I go off the philosophical deep end.

SprinklerBandit said...

I grew up riding, never owning a horse, and trying really, really hard to not resent the girls whose parents just bought them horse after horse.

It helped that I beat them at shows a lot, because maybe I didn't have the fanciest horse, but I worked the hardest and my (leased) little mare tried her heart out for me.

Unfortunately, I now don't really show because I can't afford it, but I have that little mare's baby and I wouldn't trade her for the world.

Except maybe Rumba... ;-)

Suzanne said...

SprinklerBandit... me too! I was a poor kid (one of 8), a barn rat. If you had a horse that didn't do anything, I showed up and did work to ride it. Some folks treated it like slave labor and others were the kindest people around. I think I am a better horsewoman because of how hard it was as a kid. (small world, huh?)