Sunday, August 28, 2011


Photo by Jeff Phaneuf, dedicated
Eventer Dad
Have you ever been so hungry for something, wanted something so bad...  that you could feel the need pulse through your body?  Have you ever loved someone, something or some place that the very thought of it made you smile?  Were you willing to do something about it?  Were you willing to dream that it could be done?  Were you going to make it happen? 

If you answer yes, then you live a gifted life.

This horseless child, the Sister, came with the same intensity as each of us mounted.  She was willing to walk for what could have been miles for the chance to hop on the Instructor's horse in the schooling field.  She would do what she had to do... for the dream...

She represents the desire, the want as well as the will of seeing it through.

Eventing is the great equalizer. There are some out there who would have you believe that we are adrenalin junkies (maybe we are), and there are some that think, as riders, we could not excel at anything so we chose a sport so intense that we are brilliant in our mediocrity.  And there are some who want you to believe that if you are not rich you can not have a place in our sport.

{{{ And, on the other hand, my mom just thinks that the whole thing is crazy and would rather me take up sewing instead.}}}

Eventing IS the great equalizer...  all we need is the dream and the willingness to work for it at whatever level.  We will get there...  rich, young, old or poor....  we will get there!  Make it happen!


Katie Murphy Eventing said...

Love it love it love it! My mother calls horses "White collar gambling". And honestly, why do one phase when you can do all three?!

KC said...

Just the pep talk I needed to hear before KOF next weekend!