Tuesday, November 1, 2011


So I never became a parent.  Now, if you're my mom reading this, you'd be mumbling words like "spinster" or phrases like "too busy" or "too stuck in your own ways".  Really, it wasn't that I planned on being childless, it's just the way life happened.

Sugar sweet and contented
I do wonder sometimes... what kind of parent would I be?  Am I the cheerful, fun type mom who is all crafty and loves to bake sweet wholesome snacks?  Could I be the one that all the neighbor's kids secretly wish they had as their mother?  Hmmm...  I wonder.

These past few days have been filled with more than a few...  just lil' bits of...  um...  mistakes.  Not big ones but just more than a body, well Sugar's body, should endure.  As her mother, well...  I'll let you be the judge.  And, if you think you need to rescue her from my incompetence...  sigh...  I know the universe was correct.

Have you ever unloaded your self-loading horse from a trailer and realized that they were still tied?  Has the breakaway snapped and scared both of you?  Then after hastily checking to see that there is no damage to horse and trailer, you look around to see who witnessed your brain fart and then, breathe a sigh of relief knowing your secret is safe.  I'm sure if it hasn't happened to you...  you know someone with a trailer who it has.

Poor Sug!  She's lived a full week of such minor but potentially bad situations and I believe, once the power is back on in the barn, has lived so I can tell about it. 

It starts with the missing half-halt at the hunt on Saturday which caused a wipe-out...  scary but with both of us safe and sound.  Then we have the Back on Track sheet which caused her to overheat (should have used my Draper Equine) in the trailer.  And, let's not forget a speeding truck on a narrow road overshooting a turn and pushing us into a tree with the trailer (destroying a tire and rim).  Oh, poor Sugar...  when returning to the barn, I put a light stable sheet with the belief that I would be returning that night.  The Halloween storm kept me away and the temps dropped below 30 degrees.
Yes, it's Halloween 2011
iPhone photo

 So the storm knocked out power to the barn and I did barn chores by flashlight...  the shadows danced across the aisle way....  TERRIFYING my ever vigilant mare.  It took way too much time to figure this out... causing her to shake in fear until I soothed her soul.  Poor thing!

And if I am Sug's "mom", did I mention that I am a working single mother?  And do you know what's really hard?  The freak snowstorm killed the lights in the barn for the last three days.  Feeding begins at 6:30 am, I use my car headlights and a now-stable-non-shadow-throwing battery powered lamp to clean her stall.  When I return at night, the barn is pitch black, things that are not horse related are moving about.   I can't even make sure she's ok.

What if your week was filled with these little tidbits? Would your kids survive? Will they be telling their therapists at 40 of their deep childhood neglect?  Or would you be surrounded by your grandkids laughing lightly at the things that we can not control?

Hmmmmm.... maybe it's Lyme...


Barbara said...

I have weeks like this. I am just thankful that my kids are all 4 legged and chances are no one will call social services.
I let a tied horse out of a trailer ONCE. He threw his head up and cut it open between his ears. Fortunately we were at the Vet clinic so it wasn't an extra trip.

Anonymous said...

People moms, as well as horse moms, do this stuff too, all the time - and who knows what kids make of it? Glad all the little things worked out OK - the truck/tree sound very scary and definitively not your fault. Hope your electricity situation improves soon.

Rinsie and Reveille said...

This happens to me too. I am usually lucky enough that nobody sees my brain farts! You're not a bad horse mom, just human. :)

KC said...

We have had a similar week! Luckily, our barn is just feet from the house, but we had the no power conundrum as well. So we (well, hubby) wheeled the generator while still running from the house to the barn and we ran a 100 foot extension cord in order to get lights. Power is finally back and we are so grateful! Hope your power comes back quickly!