Monday, April 25, 2011


Ok... this is kind of a secret... I am cheating on Jonah. Poor thing, I think he suspects something but, well, as a laborador retriever he can barely keep focus when there is food to be found or chipmunks to hunt... I'm sure he doesn't notice my Chandler yearning...

OMG! I luf me a Chandler Bing... He should be a convict for the many alias' he's had... Ms Piggy (first born with a crooked tail who never, ever took his mouth off mom's teat), Mr Piggy (when we discovered that we wrote the sex down incorrectly), Peter (at first vet's visit) and now Chandler (achieving the C litter name as a proper registered American Crossbred Foxhound).

He's bulky boy and a lab in a foxhound suit. Eager to please, happy to eat, concerned where you are... this boy, Chandler has wooed my heart. I walked him this morning after barn chores and before the "real" job. When the cheap retractable leash snapped, he turned to be sure it was ok to move on.

He snuffles and snorts when you hold him... like the little piggy he once was. And, at the end of the walk, he cocks his head listening at the door... waiting for your return. I luf me a Chandler Bing!

Foxhounds are working dogs that thrive in a pack. Chandler earned the kennel C name and one day, soon, he'll leave Fox Brook Farm with Cedric, Connor, Carter, Chloe and Carly. Gone away to the kennel to learn the joys of foxhunting (drag only).

I'll miss him dearly. And, when I see him run with the pack, hunting, on some fall day... my heart will sing... I luf me a Chandler Bing!

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