Monday, March 23, 2015


Oh I have many rules...
So, let me tell you some rules that I live by...  Use your blinker when you're making a turn.  Stop at Stop signs - that's what they're there for...  When appropriate, allow someone to merge particularly if it's a tough spot.  Don't text and drive.  Put the cell phone down and pay attention to traffic.  And, dear god, if you smoke, don't throw your butts out on the road - that's what ashtrays are for.
Phew, if we all played by my rules...  life would be so much better.  Well, it would for me!  ;-)

Three weeks and I am now entering the Bat Sh** Crazy (BSC) phase of recovery.  I want order in my life!  Somehow that has translated into, "I MUST HAVE A NEW HORSE!" 

Adventures with Friends
Gosh, I tried so hard not to get here.  I wanted to allow the universe to place the perfect pony into my path so that the two of us would ride and jump da jumps many years into the setting sun. 

Imagine the perfect partner and send it off to the Universe - big, sound, young with a heart of gold, game, spirited without histronics, who loved eventing and fox hunted.  He would be so happy to go on adventures with friends and also enjoy just being with me.  And, when I enter the barn, he would nicker his joy for what would be a thorough grooming and many treats.

Instead, 'I MUST HAVE A NEW HORSE!"  The desperation to fill that hole in my heart and to return to my orderly life spills into the search.   "Why can't the search features be better?"  "Why isn't your website updated?"  "Why must I check a so many websites?"  Why?  Why?  Why?  Until the WHY turns into whining about my fate... kind of sad and pathetic.  "First world problems!"
I would be sitting pretty if everything went my way!
I am so lucky that these are just First World Problems.  I have a job.  I can afford to feed, clothe and house myself and da boys.  I even can afford to have this "difficult' problem of finding a new partner.

The rules of my morning commute make me a safe driver.  Yet, what I really want is the old orderly life we led... evenings at the barn, lessons once a week, weekends adventures, the normalcy of future plans with my friend and partner.

All in good time...  All in good time! 


SprinklerBandit said...

Best of luck on the search. :-)

eventer79 said...

I have just the person you need to talk to -- she's even in Area I! Drop me an email from the blog if you're interested!

emma said...

'all in good time' - i like it! good luck and hope the universe bestows upon you a lovely new partner :)

T Myers said...

So exciting!

Seema Sonnad said...

Every time I even vaguely think of wanting a horse, half a dozen fall in my lap. This is probably why I perpetually have too many horses (and why I will shop for other people including you at the drop of a hat to avoid buying anymore for myself)

eventer79 said...

Ooooo, don't turn that one down -- Seema has a great eye & knows ALL THE PEOPLE! :D (And she's awesome)