Thursday, December 30, 2010


The question is not just mine. It is a universal quest to be... to be loved, to register on life's Richter scale... to matter.

Today I celebrated a dear friend's life at her funeral along with many, many friends and family. Celebrated, indeed, for this friend mattered. I wanted to speak, not on her behalf, but for me. I wanted to be sure that every one knew that she loved me... me, do you hear, me...

That selfish urge rendered me silent... so, I could hear others speak about her and for her. My silence emptied my head and I heard stories about her. A life, like hers, can not be owned by one person.

When they spoke, their stories weren't mine but very unique, like snowflakes. They each had the same beginnings and each had similarities but every single story was different and special, built by the two who shared it.

She mattered. She really did.

Sarah, I will miss you...

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Oh, how horses teach us... Sometimes I just wish it were easier..

So my lovely and talented show horse will not safely ride in her trailer... There are two very important features that a show horse must have ... one is soundness and the other is mobility - going from show to show..

My horse has decided to heave herself to the ground as the trailer moves... she is talented and lovely, but home bound.

I've been working on her rehab as often I can while still keeping up with riding, my home... oh and yeah... my job. We're two days away from the UNH Horse Trials closing date, two weeks from the show and two months from Groton House.

Time feels like its running out.

Patience will be the death of me yet....