Monday, May 20, 2013


Gosh, it is soo embarrassing to walk away from one's writing and then, just hop right back in hoping that I am not forgotten....  That perhaps, folks will read it once again....  Alas, feeling sorry for oneself does, in fact, suck the life blood out of creativity.
Not me, Sugar's new
foxhunting friend!

Benched...  Oh, not forever, not from a horse related injury and certainly nothing "career" ending...  You see, I kind of, somewhat, perhaps, injured/aggravated my right knee.  It is one of those injuries that makes a "Master" rider feel old, like really old.  And, this Master Rider, has no patience for waiting and yet, has to wait for an orthopedic appointment to determine if said noise/grinding/pain is just arthritis or a tear in a the cartilage needing some cleanup work.

So, I ride without stirrups, do sitting trot instead of posting, cantering and hacking...  Hmmmm, I might come out of this "rest" a better rider.  Yay me!

Sugar has made more friends...  She's got a young 20 somethin' jumping and playing with her while her horse (the famous Pink Pony) is rehabbing from a slight injury.  And, Sug found another "Master" rider, like me, also rehabbing her precious foxhunter, to enjoy the pleasures of foxhunting in the Spring.

And, I get to watch...
Sug's very own 20 something'!

{{{{{Hmmmmmm, do I hear violins being gently stroked as I prepare to whine about my loss?  Um, NO!}}}}}

You see, I love to watch!  I love to take my time and groom her until all that white gleams in the sunshine as I get to watch!  And, I love to play as a photographer...  Love!  Love!  Love!

Yet, I sometimes feel that time is passing me by and that I may never get back what I lost.   It is those moments, sitting with ice on a sore knee, or taking a bad step or failing miserably at posting, I can hear the pity pot calling my name.  It speaks softly and calls. "Come here lil' girl, sit a spell and stew your self doubt, add unmet expectations and sprinkle your thoughts with whining...  I will help you make this little inconvenience worse."

The orthopedics appointment is 5/28...  In the mean time, I close the door on the pity pot and revel in the watching from the bench!