Sunday, June 21, 2015


And in the end, it's not the years in your life that count. It's the life in your years. ~Abraham Lincoln

Not a hound who
On your death bed, do you tell the stories of how hard you worked, that project that got done on time or the sales call that went well?  It was that kind of week!  Everything that I loved and all the things I cherish put on hold for that one big meeting, that one big sale!

Monday's lesson canceled.  "I'm sorry!  Things got screwed up and I have to stay late."  And, I think to myself, "Well, sometimes you have to put work first so you can continue to enjoy this life!  At least I have the Solstice Ride Friday!"

Tuesday's attempt to master the 20 meter circle before our first dressage show became quick swipe of the brush and a rush to beat the setting sun.  "Oh well, we'll look like drunks on a binge but, really, this show was about getting out not winning.  And, when we gallop at the Solstice Ride, that'll loosen her up a bit!" 

Wednesday's call to the Eventing Trainer sounded so familiar, "I have to cancel my lesson, big presentation tomorrow and I need to work late to prepare."  And I tell myself, "I'll be on vacation soon, I'll make up the lessons then...  This presentation must go well!  And, I'll jump at the Solstice Ride!"

Our ride Thursday had the makings of a good training ride - working on Maisy's balance and rhythm while obsessing on whether or not the new saddle worked for me.  Our circles were odd egg shaped ovals and our work down the long line had every appearance of a toddler running down hill. 
I want to be free!

I wondered... "Is this saddle throwing me all around?  Am I hanging on her mouth?  Is the girth tight enough?  Is the girth too tight?  Does Maisy like this saddle?  Did I waste $3,600 buying it?  I wonder if we won that sale?  Dear god, did I send that email out?  Can't wait for the Solstice Ride!"

You always think that you can make things happen exactly according to your plan.  I was to send out the "Thank You for meeting with us, here's why you love us and why you can not live without us" email, then, write a few more to catch up from all that was pushed aside and get out of work by 3 (no later than 3:30). 

It was not to be - no Solstice Ride, didn't get into the dressage show and no word about our presentation.  I tell myself "Sigh, sometimes work does have to come first!"

Freedom from worry and fret! 
Have you ever had one of those weeks where things just don't go your way?  And, then you think...  wait...  the weather forecast for the show is torrential rain and you really weren't ready even for walk/trot.  And, although you really wanted to do the Solstice Ride, you had a lovely walk around the fields as the sun set.  And work did go pretty well and you may just get that sale!

And, in celebration of a very hard work week, Newbie Eventer and I took our ponies out for a romp just a mere 7 miles away from the barn on a beautiful cool summer morning.  And, as we cantered around the "bowl", I smiled...  "This is why I bought Maisy!  This lovely, spook free, effortless canter that floats upward and out!  This is a tiny bit of heaven right here on earth!  Everything is gonna be ok!  Everything!"

Carpe Diem!  Seize the day! 

Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Last night while "chatting" about Maisy with Sugar's Twenty Something Friend, I said something to the effect of  "Yes, I am very happy with Maisy.  Yet, I still miss Sugar.  I find myself wishing that I could have them both."

Her kind and loving reply... "Ok, I'm going to put my B**CH hat on and say, TAKE SUGAR OFF THE PEDESTAL.  She was one tough cookie and as much as you learned, Maisy is going to actually allow you to enjoy it and put that anxiety behind you...  Me thinks it's time to smudge that old relationship away!"

Oh my!  Oh my!  Oh my!  And, I think she's right.  Maybe it's time to shine light on the shadow of Sug that covers Ms Maisy's shiny grey coat!

It would be so hard to say goodbye to all that was Sugar and our 10 years together.  Allowing those memories to live well is a gift to a period in my life that was pivotal on so many levels. 

So, the energy must be towards building the relationship with Maisy without the comparison (good or bad) to Sugar.  Maybe that's the key to letting go of the anxiety that became so much a part of jumping Sugar. 

Groton House Farm Horse Trial is just a little over a week away.  If you are a competitor, you might notice that a Stadium Jumping fence is honoring her life while supporting a great event.  And, if you happen to pick up the program, you will see the tribute designed by the Bestest Eventing Buddy...

I think this is not a goodbye to Sugar but the start of a Hello to Maisy...  Yes, that feels just right!

Monday, June 15, 2015


Fancy dancy girl!
Maisy whinnied at me yesterday and I blushed like a school girl in the midst of her first crush.  "What? You know me? Me?  Does that mean you love me?  Me?  OMG, you do love me?"    Then I quickly looked around and ran down the Sugar checklist of needs:
  • Is there enough hay? {yes}
  • Do I need to adjust your flysheet? {no}
  • Is your neighbor in the barn? {no}
  • Are you hurt? {no}
By gosh, that whinny was for me!  OMG!  I think she knows me!

Playing hard to get!
And since this is gray day for rambling - Did you know that Lucinda Greene goes out for a run every morning before she teaches her clinics?

When the Newbie Eventer and I pulled into Ledyard Farm for her clinic, we saw a woman running up and down the hills of Boston's North Shore. She waived enthusiastically as we drove by and continued on at a very nice pace. And, later taught a kick a** eventing clinic all day in the hot sun looking as fresh and enthusiastic as she did when she started. God, I want to be more like her!

Did you also know that one of her major themes was telling the riders to dare to make mistakes. Being "perfect" is to stop learning and when we make mistakes we get stronger as riders fixing them. It was like a flow of energy released onto the field. She gave them the freedom to try and and the tools to get better. God, that works in everyday life!

After auditing the Lucinda Greene Clinic and watching the Bestest Eventing Buddy ride with Sharon White, I was pumped up with the need to master the one cavaletti set up in our barn's jumping field. 

You see I've been eyeing that damn cavaletti for two days trying to will myself to pop over it with my lil' country bumpkin.  And, for two days... walked away from it with all the past images of my mistakes and failings dancing through my need to jump.

Not me, BEB!
Shhh, I fell just a little more in love yesterday.  Maisy popped over it - big but simple - and, then we cantered up the hill just two girls with not a care in the world.

Today I answered my Eventing Trainer's text about Maisy's progress and finished with, "I think we're ready to jump with you!"  And, I smiled!  I think we're ready!