Friday, August 19, 2011


Coming up out of the muck
Photo used with permission

So, if Advil is an Eventer's best friend...  what does one do if it is already doing its job and you think you need more?  OMG, am I now an Advil addict?  Have I reached the limiting dose and it no longer has any effect?  Am I going to go to the next drug and take Aleve?  Will I soon be out on the street...  shaking 'cause I am Advil-less?  What will become of me?

Ok, in the spirit of "confession", Yes, I compete on drugs...  non-steroidal-anti-inflammatories ...  Advil and ibuprofen are my drugs of choice.  I generally take two on the morning of a show or before a clinic.  You know... just in case... well, to mask pain or tiredness.  At 50, all I'm trying to do is to appear that completing a one day show or a 3 hour clinic is a mere jaunty walk around the block. 

And I don't think I'm alone... 

At 6:59 am on June 25 I posted the following on my Facebook page:

Suzanne wonders how much Advil she needs to counter the aches gained from camping in the rain...  How much will help her 50 year old body ride XC like a 30 year old?  And, would that amount kill her?   Hmmmm....

Within 2 hours, 10 people had an answer:
  • "I don't recommend it.  It will probably give you a belly ache."  {{{Ouch}}}
  • "WHAT you are not 30?? You had me fooled...  see you soon and stretch the years away..."  {{{My favorite.}}}
  • "There is nothing wrong with riding like a 50 year old."  {{{So true, it was the trailer camping in the rain talking.}}}
  • "It's all in your head!  Mind over matter - if you don't mind, it doesn't matter." {{{From a youngun'.}}}
  • "Nothing that a large iced coffee can't fix." {{{Right, there is nothing a large iced Dunkin Donuts can't fix.}}}
  • "Two Aleve twice a day does a lot to alleviate the aches and pains.  Ask me how I know and good luck."  {{{I'm an Advil girl!}}}
  • "Four Advil and you will ride like the wind! LOL!"  {{{Yes!}}}
  • "Will it ever end!"  {{{Oh, that was about the rain.}}}
  • "When camping, ALWAYS take one regular Advil and one Advil PM before going to bed ;-) ...  In the morning, coffee or Coca-Cola."  {{{Practical and doable.}}}
  • Used with permission
  • "You might want to try something a little stronger..."  {{{That's my girl!}}}
So, why this angst about Advil you say?  I committed to a jumping clinic on Sunday!  (YES!!!!  I did!  I did! I did!)  I am still taking 800mg of Advil for the healing ribs so, I think I must go cold turkey on my pre-gaming.  What I'm taking will have to be enough.

So, admitting that I had no direction, that I couldn't get started, that maybe I was just a little bit afraid to get back into the game, actually helped kick start my return.  Life is, indeed, good!


Now Thats A Trot! said...

Well, I'm half your age and carry a 500-ct bottle of Aleve everywhere with me, just in case my knees act up! (My usual dose is 3 pills, but that lasts me at least a day.) Better living through modern chemistry?

MARGIE said...

YAY!!!!!!!!! You are truly inspiring. I need to read your posts--- My horse launched me a couple of days ago and I'm so sore I can't believe it. I applaud you for your enthusiasm and ability to get up and get back in there. Have a great ride!

Anonymous said...

You guys must not Foxhunt, everyone knows the real trick is Whiskey!