Tuesday, July 26, 2011


The Opening Date for the American Eventing Championships is today...

I do not want to write this post... Nope, I want to stomp, stomp and pound my knees....  I DON'T WANNA WRITE THIS POST.  No, no, no...  Phew, that felt really good!  I believe it was "the Don" who said one should never underestimate the power of a good Diva fit! 

You see, on May 16th, I wrote for Bit of Britain's Blog Series "On the Road to the AEC's" eagerly telling the story of why I wanted to go, how I got there and all the silliness involved riding on Eventing's version of the Double Wide Short Bus (DWSB).  ( On the Back Roads Headin' to the AECs)
Photo courtesy of  Eleazer Davis Farm (http://www.edfarm.com/)

Simply, the DWSB's occupants will not be going to the AECs this year.  The driver of this bus (me) took her environmental education to a new level and decided early on course at Groton House Farm Horse Trials to involuntarily dismount in order to hug a tree.  Most of you know the details from previous (and prolific) posts (Landmarks vs Obstacles) , it was a simple thing which caused me to break four ribs and a partially collapsed lung requiring an overnight stay in the hospital.

The odd thing is (and I hope my family doesn't read this) that I'm glad that it was me put on injured reserve for the summer and not Sugar (Fame and Frolic).  I am healing and will be back for the Fall.  Some of you out there are not that fortunate.  Horse injuries are harder on us than our own... for a million different reasons.

My Stall Rest should be completed by August 12th*.  I will be back in the game and, like a recovering horse... slow and steady increase in work...  I'll be baaack.  I just won't have what it takes to compete in the American Eventing Championships this year.

Wish me luck qualifying for next year...  Til' then...  I'll be cheering all of you on...

*Actually, if you promise not to tell my family, I'm going to get on Sugar this weekend... just walking but together again.... shhhhhhh....


Ashley said...

Be careful getting back on!! But honestly...I say do it :) My friend had surgery after a riding accident in January and the doc told her she couldnt get back on until June or July. She got on in March =). It helped her heal quicker! The doctors were "shocked" by her improvement! lol
And I'm sure you'll jump back in it next year and qualify just fine! I've got faith :)


SallymetHarryHorse said...

Totally share your current sentiments and frustrations

shhhhh..... i'm also riding with an injury at the moment (a broken hand in a cast) though i did promise no jumping....shhhh
hard to keep us on the ground isn't it :-)

Suzanne said...

Thanks... I'm almost too excited. One of the injuries I don't go on and on about is that I hit the tree first with my shoulder/ribs and then slammed my hip before I hit the ground. I'm hoping that I can get on and sit confortably... But who cares... soon... soon.

And HarrymetSally, good for you...

Laura said...

Good luck for next time and hope you get better soon!

SprinklerBandit said...

I've already told my family that. It is way, way, way easier to rehab people than horses.

Plus, I have health insurance.

I'm strictly not allowed to ride until 8/6, under threats of facial surgery and wiring my face shut and more liquid diet and groundedness. I've made it this far, but (shhhh, don't tell husband) don't know how much longer I can go.