Sunday, February 22, 2015


Before (Photo used with permission
Martha Curran)
Another indoor collapsed this morning.  All the horses got out safely after, what must have been many hours of harrowing labor and much worry for all involved.  This was one of many here in New England - Massachusetts, in particular.  We lost our indoor last Sunday and are still reeling from the ramifications.

We've gotten almost 100" of snow in less than 30 days.  And, in those 30 days, we've experienced the second coldest month on record (coldest month was in 1875).  Do you have any idea what 100" of snow looks like?  Oh we're a hardy bunch, us New Englanders but this is too much...  Another roof collapse, another barn rescue and another "Fund Account" established.

After 16 People...
(Photo used with Permission Martha Curran)
One barn quoted these numbers - 16 people, two snow blowers, two plastic shoots and over 20 hours to remove the snow.  Another barn took two days with a team of 10.  And, if you drove by any of these barns, I'm not sure you could guess the depth of that snow.  It is just that mind boggling.

When we lost our indoor, it felt like someone had died.  We all moved around the barn in stunned "silence" each of us harboring our own secret concerns and still trying to be strong for the owners.  We could always move but, for them, this was their home, their business and their dream.  What of their dream? 
Roof top at Davis Farm, Bedford MA
Photo by Lisa Samoylenka
Will these barns survive?  Can they rebuild?  What of their dreams?  What of the people they inspire to have a dream?  What will happen to them?

So, I ask you... do not judge!  Do not second guess folks' decisions...  For one moment, imagine yourself in the same position, with the same limitations either money, manpower or time...  And in that one moment, find compassion, love and leave your judgment behind. 

And for you folks here in New England...  go out and hug your barn owner.  This has been a devastating year for them even if the barns/indoors are still standing. 

In a tiny miracle, my friend's brother bumped me ahead of his other clients and removed the snow off the roof of my house.  I waited too long because of the fear of how much it would cost...  He came, cleaned off TONS of snow and ice and charged me a reasonable fee.  I am one of the lucky ones. 

Saturday, February 7, 2015


Morning of the Blizzard (29" total)
I have the unique ability to make myself bat-shit-crazy (BSC) at any little thing.  Years of self-help books, therapy, meditation, yoga, listening to some the of the incredible greats, gurus, psychics and some really well balanced individuals do not help when I'm in a BSC "state".   I can chant ooooohhhhhmmmm, breathe in and breathe out for ever and I can still be BSC in a heartbeat!

"Someone", a Facebook "Friend", posted that they were so excited because the Eventing Season in the great Northeast/Area 1 kicks off in just 74 days.  In one moment, I could feel the 41 inches of snow melt and hear the sweet songs of love sick birds...  ahhhhhhhhhh Spring!

And in a flash, panic clutched my brain...  "What?  74 days?  I am not ready!  There is not enough time to prepare!  How will we jump?  Where and when can we XC school?  What????!!!!  Just 74 days!  How did that happen?  OMG!  THERE IS 4 FEET OF SNOW AND ANOTHER FOOT IS COMING IN ON MONDAY!!!"

Sometimes it takes an trained expert, a specialist, to talk one off the ledge.  God bless Dressage Trainer and today's sidekick, the New Barn Girl!  There is nothing like a good, dressage-butt-kicking on an animated horse to bring the crazies down to a manageable level. 

"Let go of the left rein, flex your fingers, soften her poll, bring up her shoulders, encourage her right hind to pat the ground just a bit longer, feel her balance, feel the strength of self carriage, ask for more and now reward her by allowing her to lengthen downward...  Feel her, ask her and now pat her."

A good trainer is the best therapist.  I'm sure that trainers prefer students less emotional, more together and certainly, less BSC.  Their words and guidance ease the panic of preparation and bring the energy from that sick worry of what might be to the power of being immediately in the present.  If you're truly, in the moment, nothing else exists but what is now.  Today's now was pretty darn awesome!  Thank you Dressage Trainer!

So, it isn't 74 says but 82!  The weather is not making it easy to "get ready" but seriously, in New England, you just keep going and if you're lucky, you might get a chance to do something mid April.

Sug and I will be ok.  I will continue to have moments of true BSC when I catch myself living way too far in the future.  Right now, this minute, we are very ok!