Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Used with permission
So some people read their horoscopes every day, others go to psychics, animal communicators...  looking for and wanting to hear that special something that says...  Hmmm, you'll make more money? Or, find a little sumthin, sumthin to keep that smile going?  Or, that your princess has been a damsel in distress and just a tweak of a saddle fit will make the spook go away?  Yup, looking for and reading the signs that predict an outcome...

So fair warning to all my Area 1 competitors, my ship is about to sail, the polyester will be bright blue, the rainbow's end is filled with gold and Saccharine is being laid to rest!  All signs are pointing forward and we are about to rock and roll!  {{{Note to self - Appears to be a common theme at this time of year.}}}

I luf me USEA Area 1's Silent Auction!  Mix shopping, savings and a wiff of prizes and I can feel my competitive spirit rise up and take over.  And gosh, I have been a good competitor and once, even took home $2,400 in prizes "winning" an entire season's entries to some of the finest Horse Trials in Area 1.  {{{ Note to self - Must look up the definition of prizes.}}}}

Yet in 2010, Sugar fractured her splint bone the week before the coveted Groton House entry - scratched.  That season was a big year of donating a $25 administration fee for every event entered.  While disappointed at having to scratch, I was proud of my philanthropic endeavors. 

Favorite Grrrrr pic from 2009
Used with permission
And in 2011, I parted ways into a tree at the prestigious Groton House Farm Horse Trial thus being eliminated at the first of several of my "winning" entries and thus forfeiting the entire 2011 season.  Well, you can't call me a quitter because 2012's Silent Auction was the banner year for winning entries but not so much in completing them

The 2013 Silent Auction was a complete and total loss...  I was beat thoroughly by my fellow Area 1 eventers.  I aggressively bid on my favorite events and came out of the Annual Meeting with nothing - nada - empty - nothing.  Well, I can count a Stuart Horse Trial water bottle and an Adult Rider fleece as winnings but this year, I pay full price! 

The Bestest Eventing Buddy, Eventing and Dressage Trainer almost said, in unison, "2013 is gonna be a good year!"

Now, if you can just point me in the direction of where I put my GRRRRRRRRRRRR!  Looks like I'm gonna need it!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I hate running.   Despite nine varsity letters, being captain or co-captain of each sport and, being voted Most Athletic in high school, I would be the first to tell you that I am the laziest workaholic around.  There are a million ways to avoid running laps...  just ask me how!

At today's sales conference, I got inspired.  Sure, it was directed at my profession but as each gem was revealed, I could see how it applies to my passion.  The facilitator was not vague...

  • Success, you see, is not a sprint.  It's a marathon!  
  • If you want to be a part of this success, you have to commit time and energy to it.
  • There are a many ways to fail, forget them!  Find the yes and stick to it!

Um... WOW!  This is just a little wake up call.  I love the rush of the sprint!  It's fun, exciting and quickly completed.  {{{Kind of the way I dated, just sayin!}}}  A marathon is so hard... finding a rhythm and sticking with it - changing and improving based on the conditions before you.  It can also be tedious and maybe just a bit boring.

I get discouraged at my lack of progress.  Our dressage is becoming amazing and I'm pretty sure Sugar and I will beat everyone out in the warm up.  It's the jumping.  I been should've-ing all over myself again.  ("I should be better by now.  I should be faster.  I should be jumping bigger." Um, and if I am to confess, "I should be winning.")

Ah, the heart and mind of a sprinter.  Tonight begins the transformation into a marathoner.  And, its about time...  Yes it can be done!  Forgetting about failure is done by practice... one thought at a time.  Yes, it will be done!

You know, I think its going to be a banner year... at work!  And at play! 

Sunday, January 6, 2013


Babies... be they little kids or puppies... you just wanna kiss them.  Their world is untainted from complications... most everything they see or touch is new and the very joy of experiences draw you in...  They are most kissable...

Tonight, after carefully cleaning her hooves and painting them with hoof harder in preparation for this week's onslaught of mud and slush, I stopped, cupped her muzzle and kissed her.  It was a loud smooching kiss - first on the right, then on the left... pausing just for a moment to breathe in that clean earthy scent and then finished with a kiss dead center on a muzzle smudged with this evening's dinner.  It was a most kissable nose!

Underneath Sugar's quirkiness lies a schoolmarm.  It is a persona complete with a grey shapeless dress, a high collar and a string of small white pearls... prim, proper and respectful. She is there to teach and please, no shenanigans...  just work!

The horse I rode in my lesson was powerful.  It was a mare with a strong body, lightening quick feet and a spook that jolted very core of your being.  We asked her to lift her wither up, to bring her hind end under and to move forward with rhythm and grace.  Although Sug was "with me" (or me with her), the pressure to give and then to release would sometimes erupt into a sideways leap or two.

My 14 year old niece patiently waited for her turn on my lil' pinto pony.  As one lesson finished, two more groups of even younger kids came into the indoor for their weekly ride.  Nervously, I asked the Dressage Trainer...  "Do you think I should let her get on?  Do you think Sugar might be too much horse?"   As expected the answer was. "Depends on if the schoolmarm shows up."

That nose...  that beautiful multicolored nose... was the most Kissable Nose.  You see, from the second my Niece mounted, Sugar gave her a lesson...  She was kind, obedient and did what she was asked in a manner that said, "I'll give you the ride of a lifetime 'cause you deserve only the best."   A radiant smile was my reward.

And for you Miss Sugar...  Thanks for taking care of a lil' girl with a dream!

My Niece taking on Ms Sug and lovin life!

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


So I'm a big believer in destiny!  I'm not talking about the kind of destiny that happens to you but the kind of destiny that you make happen for yourself.  You know...  not being the kind of person that is a victim of circumstances but that person who has a goal and then, makes it happen.
Two happy mares

Ok, here's another little confession for you...  I am a Facebook junkie!  {{{Right now, somewhere a friend - the real kind or a family member are collectively and loudly saying DUHHHHH!}}}  I like to post, I read your posts and I even look at pictures.  "Why bring this up now Suzanne?  Who really cares about your little Facebook obsession."

When I wish you a Happy Birthday, I most likely add a comment or a wish to the greeting.  "Happy Birthday... make it a great start to your new year!"  You see, I believe you are the master of your destiny...  Things don't happen to you...  you make it happen.

And today is our start to the New Year...  the collective New Year!  How are we going to "make it great!"?  I do not believe in resolutions for they are meant to be broken.  Goals are set to guide us to our dreams come true.  I choose to have goals instead!

One snuggly hound
2012 was a year of negativity, anger and even hate...  the level of animosity that grew out of this year's election was unprecedented.  A happy medium did not exist on the national stage.  Towards the end of the cycle, I could see how this energy affected me and how and when I acted on it.  It does not serve me well, at all!  So...

Today, this first day of 2013, I will embrace love and tolerance and work hard at eliminating negativity, fear and distrust.  Be it at the barn, in the office or even a cranky barista who thinks my order is a royal pain in the butt.  I will smile, say thank you and wish them well.

And the trusty lab...

Today I begin to treat Sugar like my long term partner in a healthy, happy relationship instead of the nagging, pissy fish wife I've become.  I honor her, not for her beauty (per my Bestest Eventing Buddy, that is the reason she is still alive), but for her work ethic, athleticism and her entertaining spooks that can clear the indoor in a hurry.

And most importantly, today I recognize all that I have is a gift to be cherished.   It is a life filled with good people, fun adventures and too many stories to tell.  The gift is in the joy, the love and the challenges to overcome.  I am, indeed, a very lucky girl!  For that I must be grateful...

And today, I'll wish you well in this, our collective New Year!  Make it happen!