Wednesday, March 23, 2011


so, freakin' bad".  I do love that song...  even though its a bit self involved and well, greedy.

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(  permission
I play the lottery and I plan to win big some day soon.  My father used to buy a ticket for the pleasure of playing "IF-I".  And the game goes like this...  "IF I win, here's what I would do...  IF I win, I will...."

It's a joyful game and for me, it reveals a little bit more about me that, well....  I like to still keep secret.  That is until the pot is up over $100 million and then I seem to tell anyone that will listen to me.  (Hmmm, maybe that's why people have been scurrying away and, no one seems to be answering their phones or calling me back...  hmmm!)

I jumped last night...  still not big but more course like.  Sugar was high, strong and wanted desperately to "lose-it" into a major spook-fest!  I was worried about the spooking but had my "Angry-Mare" energy lurking in and about my head.  It had the looks of a really bad date!

My trainer is a genius!  She gave us an exercise to help tame the beasts within.  Trot to the jump, go straight, canter a 10 meter circle, walk, pick up the trot and repeat, finish by putting it all together using the course.   We got better, riding got more instinctive and both of us came together at the end of the lesson.  It is truly a gift when to be surprised that the lesson ended instead of hoping/asking for it to be done!

This morning I saw a Bluebird!  The barn inhabitants greeted me joyfully with a whinny and waited patiently to be fed!  Jonah brought his purple jolly ball over to play and wagged his tail.  Sugar came over and gave me her mostest and bestest...  sugary, gooey, "I love you!" look and I swooned. 

I have everything I need right here, right now...  I win the lottery every day...  yup, every single day!  It's just that good!

And, Friday, with a MegaMillions ticket clutched in my hand, I will be thinking...  If I win, I will....

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What a perfect photo!