Thursday, September 1, 2011


Titling this, "Starting Over" sounded depressing...  like a loss of something.  That's really not what this is about.  With the cancellation of GMHA's Fall Horse Trials, it looks like my Eventing season may have ended well before it ever got started.  
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Truly, I can't be depressed...  we had an earthquake on the East Coast and Vermont got devastated by Hurricane Irene...  um...  isn't Vermont like way far away from the ocean?  And... um... the Washington Monument has structural damage from an earthquake, really... an earthquake?   I think 2011 has more oddities to it than ending my eventing season laying at the foot of a tree after the third fence at my third event...  (hmmm...  threes?)

What is exciting me...  yet again...  is the thought, not that my season might be done...  but Sugar and I can look at the world with a fresh perspective.  It all begins again!  And, I warn you, a fresh start does not mean a slow start.. Training is right there in front of me.   What it does mean is that we get to what we did and make it even better.

So, at this beginning of my very long Labor Day weekend, I put on my jumping tack for my dressage lesson.  Today, we were going to work on the minutiae...  the correct canter, my shoulders rather than my hands lifting the canter upwards.  And, with the help of my dressage trainer (former upper level eventer) we approached our jumping anew. Walk, collected walk, leg, leg...  jump.  Trot, collected, collected, leg, leg... jump.  Canter, collect, jump...  Awesome...
Used with permission

Sounds basic and in some respects it was...  yet, it had a wow factor hard to describe.  Here I am again feeling like the possibilities are endless.  And, that I can not wait to do it again.  So my advice is not to run out and injure yourself but to make it new... make it fresh.  Get outside and race your friends across a field...  live, laugh and love!

 So, it looks like my season might be over...  but then again, rumor has it that Area 2 may be a nice stop for the DWSB.  Hmmm.

And, before I forget it...  Fox Hunting returns in two weeks!!!!  Let the games begin!

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KC said...

Great advice! So glad you had a good lesson today. And fox hunting, yahoo!