Monday, September 12, 2011


Ooops, I did it again... I passed judgement without thinking it through.

Slow to learn...

You see, at first I thought it was the guys.  You know the type.  When it comes down to moving big trucks and trailers and bossing people around, it's gotta be a guy.  I failed to perform the duties of the parking attendant at our Hunt Club's Annual Fall Hunter Pace.  And, I thought it was the guys, for they were the folks who excused me from my shift.  It's gotta be the guys.

As I walked the aisle of shame between trailer rows one and two, I sighed.  I tried to be a good parking attendant.  I really did.  As I trundled along muttering to myself...  "Guys, they always think they know better when it comes to parking...  it's because I'm a girl...  they think I can't do it..."  And on and on I muttered.

Of course, as I looked at the big open space between the three horse with the side ramp and the Featherlite two horse bumper pull with the mother and son team, I thought that that open space is ok because they came together and wanted to tailgate aftewards.  And, oh, there are my Eventing peeps, they want to park together...  that's ok, the next small trailer can fit that hole.

And, those riders don't want to park on a slight hill so we can move them over.  And, look...  that group has dogs tied to the trailer, they need a bit more space to fit dogs and horses.  And really, people need to be able to tie up somewhere so we definitely need a bit more space.

Rut ro..  Oh my...  Really?  Shucks, I am way too empathetic to maximize the parking.  Oh no...  I'm too soft, a softy.  I really am lousy at parking horse peeps and their entourage. 

I guess, I'll stick to jump judging and leave trailer parking to the experts who can say no to the special interest.  So for all the guys out there...  I apologize.  You really are good at this job!

And, just a quick post note on the Hunter Pace, Sugar and I teamed up with a fellow Eventer/Fox Hunter and her fiesty Morgan pony ....  Our team ...  "Cracked Ribs and a Side o'Fun" (both of us coming off of rehab from riding accidents) came in First place in the Jumping Division - a nice bonus to some seriously good fun!

Hunt Field (not Hunter Pace) or One of these things is not like the others...
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Barbara said...

geeezzz, you could do parking here. All I ever get is a casual wave that parking is somewhere over there....hand gesture indicates approximately half of the compass. I have ended up in dead ends by following those directions!
And I love the hunt pic.

Suzanne said...

Or Barbara, come up here and we'll park you in a spot just big enough for you to open the dressing room door! ;)

We were serious about the parking... well, they were!

Kelly said...

Gotta love a girl who stands out in a crowd :)

Becca said...

LOVE your team name!!