Friday, September 9, 2011


There is nothing more spectacular than that first bite of a perfectly ripe peach.  It's fuzzy skin glistens from my efforts to strip it of it's tickle-ly fur.  Underneath it's cover lies a summer sweetness that can not be replicated.  Today, at lunch, I had my last.  It IS New England and our season is short and intense... teasing us to indulge now for it does not last...  YUM!

Alas...  despite my efforts to ignore the inevitable...  the days are shorter and any attempt to leave work on time to ride outside is futile... dusk comes quickly.  Summer has left and winter is threatening around Autumn's corner.  Do I mourn?  NO!
Used with permission

Fall marks the death of the deer fly, the end of baking horse trailer and the lethargy of summer's humidity.  {{{OK, it also means I get to break out my jacket and hooded sweatshirt collection/obsession.}}}

Welcome to the adventures of Fall...  Oh yeah!  For the next three months, the air is brighter and cooler, Sugar more lively (hmmm, is that a good thing?) and the colors will be brilliant.  It is a rebirth of sorts...

And for those of you who live outside of New England...  you miss Fall Festivals, Hunter Paces and Fox Hunting amongst the reds, yellow and oranges woods and fields of pumpkins.  It is a magical time and I welcome it with open arms.

This last perfectly ripe peach drips its juice on my keyboard.  I savor it... It will be my last memory of the summer and soon will be replaced by the elusive Honey Crisp Apple.  A second in deliciousness but delightful as well.

See you out there!  Make it memorable!


Barbara said...

Fall is our best season too. After a record setting summer I am looking forward to it.
That is a lovely picture!

MARGIE said...

I had my first honey crisp apple of the season today. Ahhh, the joys of Fall!