Thursday, September 15, 2011


I have a belief that, for the most part, people are good.  They want to do good deeds.  They want others to be happy.  And they want to have good things.  For the most part, their hearts and heads are in a good place.   

Lovin' should feel good...
Have you ever belonged to a volunteer organization?  Have you ever belonged to a group from the very beginning and watched it grow?  Have you ever worked for something you loved so much that you could not bare to see it fail?  And have you worked so long and hard on something you loved that it defines who you are?  If not you, do you know these folks? 

Change comes hard to them.  Their vision was once so clear and so strong that they were followed - their voice the only voice.  Over time, things change...  they are older now and can not do what they once did.  If they are no longer the organization, what will they become?  Who are these folks that fill in the gaps that begin to show?   Are they worthy to take the reins so lovingly braided?

There are those that let go and watch the world evolve.  And there are those who seek to destroy the thing they loved so much because they can not set it free.

The act of letting go is a gift of true love.  (OK, there is a Hallmark Card brewing here...)  You do not run from the thing that you love, you just set it free.  Like your child, they will not leave ...  they are yours forever. 

Set them free with dignity, grace and gratitude.  They will honor you as they walk in your legacy.  Destroy them and your work is lost forever...  nothing is left behind...

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