Thursday, November 3, 2011


So there is this saying that I love to quote and it goes like this:  "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again AND expecting different results!"  Folks, I must confess...  I am insane! 

Area 1 just released the 2012 Eventing Schedule and I'm at it again.  I am sitting here on my lunch hour, not eating my healthy-prepared-especially-for-me lunch and not returning the call from a colleague answering my question on a obscure "grandfathered" clause in a client's insurance contract.  No, I'm planning my 2012 Eventing Season. 

Let the Cowgirl Ride!
Used with permission

Really?  Hmmm...  let's review our 2010 season...  Oh, that's right, Sugar fractured her splint bone and we spent our summer complaining about having to wrap her legs and honoring the anxiety I have with that very necessary procedure.  Oh...  ok, that wasn't a good season. 

How about 2011?  Ahhh...  that's right, my Bestest Eventing Buddy's horse had an injury that wiped out her season and me?  Well, we're all just a bit tired of hearing about the "Tree Issue".  So, 2011 didn't really happen.

Yet, here I am ...  giddy with excitement and filled with all the world's possibilities...  Pumped full of coffee and a highlighter in one hand and a calendar clutched in another...  I dream.

Really folks, let me warn you now...  2012 is going to be amazing!  Everything that can happen, has happened in 2011.  The Eventing gods are smiling ...  and, I'm going to take that and run!

Eventing Nation's tag line is "Red on Right, White on Left, Insanity in the Middle"!

I love Foxhunting (all XC and no dressage) but by the level of my Insanity, I truly belong in the world of Eventing.  Now back to that schedule!



BeBe said...

Good for you! I love that you work in Insurance (me too), much rather be planning my season too!

Suzanne said...

BeBe... so many of us out there... and I wonder how many of us are doing the same thing! Nice to know insanity runs deep within our ranks!

Seema said...

Me too. Already have the winter season calendar for Florida and bought Rolex tickets out. My version of being patient is not yet thinking about the May-October schedule

Ruffles said...

Good on you!! I'm sure you'll have an amazing season ... all the bad stuff has already happened.

KC said...

Me three (or four or five?)! I have the list printed out and am debating which events will make it on my Short List....isn't it exciting??

Katie Murphy Eventing said...

Add another to the list! I'm so excited for 2012! We should compare strategies at the year end meeting. Hope to see you all there!