Friday, November 18, 2011


Not Christmas...  the Area 1
Annual Meeting
It's that time of the year again... no, not just the "Holidays" but the time of year where every organization wants YOU to attend their Annual Meeting.  And, there are all sorts of ways they might entice you...  raffles, door prizes ...  maybe even quirky entertainment.  Every volunteer organization needs members to be active and enthused in order to thrive...  so if quirky gets you there...  quirky it is!  ;)

YOUR local Eventing Association - USEA Area 1 - is just like all the others...  but BETTER!   So here it comes....  That's right!


When:           Sunday, January 15, 2012  -  Noon - 4pm (Organizers meet from 10am-Noon)
Where:          Clarion Hotel and Conference Center - 1080 Riverdale Street, West Springfield, MA 01089  413-781-8750
How much:    $20 if you register before 12/31/11 and $25 at the door.

Now, I can't promise quirky and, truthfully, I think Eventers need more substance than gimics and tricks to entice.  We're more than that... so..  The Agenda is chock full of the things that make Area 1 work, let's see..

Don't be caught snoozin'...  it can
be a blast!
Well first off we have a buffet lunch (food works for most of us) and the Area 1 Awards Presentation (who does not like to collect ribbons?).  Then we get news and headlines from the various Committees (Area Chair, Adult Riders, Young Riders, etc) helping make 2012 a smashing success!  Of course, let's not forget our esteemed Guest Speaker, Peter Gray.

From his website (, Peter Gray is a noted trainer, rider and popular clinician in Eventing, Dressage and Equitation world-wide. As a competitor Peter has competed at most international events in Europe and North America including three Olympic Games, World Championships and is a Pan Am individual bronze medalist. Besides his notoriety in the event world, Peter also competes on the winter circuit in hunter and jumpers and is long listed with the Canadian National Dressage team for 2010.  His all-round experience as a competitor has seated him on many committees including the F.E.I. 3 day Event Committee, EC High Performance, Safety, Selection, Coaching committees, USEA Professional Rider Council and ICP, and is co-founder of Equiventures - organizers of horse trials at the Florida Horse Park. Peter is the current Young Rider 3 Day Event coach for Ontario.

So we have food, prizes and substance...  what more could you want at the USEA Area 1 Annual Meeting?  (Drink is, of course, subject to the limitations of our diverse environment - non-alcoholic, of course.)...  Shopping...  yes!  And folks...  that means one absolutely fabulous Silent Auction! 

Fame & Frolic winning 2009 Groton House Farm's
Preliminary Training Division, Stephie Baer, rider
(last time Sugar completed GHF despite 2 winning
entries from the Silent Auction)
We're competitors, right?  And we compete in a dangerous sport, right?  Some may say it's a bit extreme...  Picture yourself at a Silent Auction with 100 of your fellow eventers...  and you're swirling around the table of items...  wanting that Entry to Groton House Farm or maybe, its a GMHA event or even two tickets to the Bruins.  You want it and so does 6 others stalking the table...   You can taste victory and waiting until 3 to claim it heightens the thrill...   YES!  The Silent Auction rocks... 

Although, I've been warned by many of my friends and family that I can not bid on the Groton House Entry, I still may put up some stiff competition.  And for those of you who read my blog...  you know why...  but, I just can't help but to think that three's a charm!

Come on... register!  Make a commitment to get involved...  Eventing is a great place to meet fabulous horse folk.  And, we can't event without the USEA and our own Area 1!  Or, just do it for the fabulous prizes and the esteemed Peter Gray...  Like the famous tag line...  JUST DO IT!

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Katie Murphy Eventing said...

Woo hoo for the Area 1 meeting! We'll be there. And you are right about the silent auction - I LOVE it!