Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Yup...  Thankful!
Earlier this week I attended a funeral for a man and a father who died way too young.   His best friend spoke... beautifully, if not eloquently, about this life which was that of a friend.  His words were channeled from a heart filled with love and chiseled with the pain of loss.  I could not forget them.

"God does not take away our loved ones.  He does not cause pain, disease or loss.  Only heaven is perfect.   Life on earth is to be lived, to find love and to be loved.  We are a collection of our memories...  the ones we choose to make..."

It's Thanksgiving and probably my most favorite holiday (outside of the singing of Christmas Carols).  It isn't about the food, the parades or the football.  For me, it really is about a day "dedicated" to being thankful and wrapped in family and traditions.  One holiday swept of political correctness and open to all religions and creeds.  It makes me smile.

I'll begin my Thanksgiving holiday with Sugar and I chasing the brown buttocks of a horse that is chasing the buttocks of another horse, chasing the elusive foxhound pack who is chasing after anise scent freshly dropped to make the chase real.  We will, at some point, raise a toast to our landowners, the "foxes", the hounds ...  thanking the world for our good fortune to participate.

The day will end, after the traditional meal with my Bestie Forevah and her family of boys.  I will be grateful for all that I have.  This I know to be true because it's with me now.

My Sistah Friend has a tradition in her family.  She asks each dinner guest to say one thing that they are thankful for...  I will miss that moment greatly but, my answer will be...  That I am living in a world that is good, filled with good things and that I am lucky to be alive surrounded by wealth that can not be banked.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Be good to yourself, your family and make your memories count!!!


KC said...

Cheers and Happy Thanksgiving, Suzanne!

Katie Murphy Eventing said...

Happy happy thanksgiving, Suzanne! As the day comes to a close, I hope your heart is warm from friends, family and tradition.

BeBe said...

Happy Thanksgiving!