Tuesday, November 15, 2011


Once upon a time, long, long ago...  there was this horse who acted like a total cow in the dressage ring, who {{{gasp}}} dropped a rail in stadium and had a run-of-the-mill cross country excursion.  Oh, she was a pretty thing but...  well, she was a bit of a diva. 

Used with permission (http://www.flatlandsfoto.com/)
Lyme, they chanted...  she has Lyme!  It must be Lyme!  Surely you will have her tested for Lyme!  A beautiful talented horse like that...  must be Lyme!

So her trusty servant, shook her head in disbelief and wondered, do these people even know her?  Did they not know that this talented beauty was, in fact, a mare?  Could it be just an off day?  Why must it be Lyme? 

Then, an idea came to the lowly servant...  Test the Princess/Diva.  If it is not Lyme, maybe her fans would understand that this pretty little thing, is, in fact...  Mariah Carey in disguise.  And if is Lyme...  than the world would be brighter because the diagnosis and treatment would fix all that was challenging and I would be left with a gentle, agreeable...  superstar!

The test, way back in 2007, was negative.  And, negative again in 2009.  Sugar was...  yes, let me say it out loud...  kind of MAREISH!  The negative test was proof that I had to work on us, on myself to improve and not rely on any other excuse.  It was comforting...  well, kind of.

Well, today's test came back positive...  six times what is considered normal using the most reliable testing available.  So, her slight discomfort, slight-not-quite-right, that tightness in her back and hips, that slight reluctance to get going... that dissatisfaction with the grooming ritual and spa services really did spell LYME!

Used with permission
There was no grand pronouncement...  just a hint and a prompt from our trainer...  just not quite right.  Maybe, just maybe, the treatment will make us superstahs...  a girl's gotta have a dream, huh?

Strangely enough, after picking off more ticks (off da boys, Sug and me) than one can imagine, in this season called Autumn,  I am tired, cranky, with body aches and tightness...  I called my vet...  oops doctor...  maybe it's Lyme.  (Most likely I need to go to bed earlier, stretch more often and work on my attitude.)

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Anonymous said...

So glad you got it figured out - and hope you get tested too. I just had a similar encounter with EPM, and two horses who turned out to have it and have improved enormously after treatment - hope all goes well for you and the mare.