Saturday, March 24, 2012


Mornings should be greeted with a burst of energy...  The day's start could very well be the stamp of its success.  I choose to savor the sunrise, breathe in the fresh air and enjoy my galloping pooches.  Time's a wastin' and life must be lived!
Used with permission

Special note - lest you think that I am overwhelmingly perky, most of those mornings start out with left arm curls, precisely hitting the snooze button every nine minutes.  And I kind of believe that if it weren't for bodily functions - dogs and human, I might not be such a morning person...  just sayin'!

Yippee, hip, hip hooray!  I'm heading out on an adventure with my Bestest Eventing Buddy for our first Jumping Intensive with the final returning Snowbird!  I can hear the birds sing, the trumpets blast...  we're going jumping, we're getting ready for the Season...  All will be well and the world is right again.  I am sooo excited.

Did you know that there is a fine line between eager anticipation and anxiety?  Where total happiness and excitement turn into the ...  "What was I thinking?!" apprehension and stress...  Yup, that is the energy that must be acknowledged and then placed aside to allow the joy and eagerness to flow easily through.

Used with permission
So I have seen and felt the return of my Grrrrr...  the PTSD work, the gentleness of the City Barn instructor's lessons and the return of Snowbirds are putting me back on track.  I'm jumping bigger jumps, added some Sugar-scary obstacles and I find that even if I have a panic attack, my brain and body are still functioning as a Novice Rider.   

And like a fellow blogger stated so eloquently in her last  Blog (warning Salty Language) today's adventure to our weekend jumping intensive needs to evoke the Inner Bad A** Honey Badger.

Let the games begin!!!!


Amy said...

You ARE BA, lady! You ROCK that inner Honey Badger!
Thanks for the link back to my blog. You are a peach, as well. A BA, Honey Badger, don't give a sh!! peach!

Suzanne said...

Girrrllll, the tools came from your B A Self!!!!!! Oh yeah!