Sunday, March 4, 2012


There is a saying out there that I pay particular attention to...  it goes something like this...  "When you have a strong negative reaction towards someone, it often is about that something in yourself that you don't like - a mirror into your soul."
Let the games begin!!!

So, um, I hate perky people...  well, I did hate perky people.  You know the type...  "Hi, how are you!  Isn't the day beautiful!  What a lovely outfit you have one!  OMG!  I just stubbed my toe and oh, how it hurt but on a positive note, I stubbed it on a box of quarters!  I know it's raining but think of how beautiful the grass will be and the flowers...  oh my!"  

Yup!  I hated those folks...  Until, one day, I actually heard myself.  Please don't hate me, I'm one of them!  Or, if you do... embrace your own perky self!  Woot!  Woot!

There is sooo much going on and I am sooo filled with good energy that I feel like I'm high...  Ok, if my family members read this, I don't really know what that feeling is like and, if they don't...  remember I grew up at a time...  well...  best leave this unstated, if you know what I mean.  So, let me get these perky thoughts out before I explode:
Sugar, GHF 2009 -
Stephie Baer - Rider
Me one day!
  • City Barn life is fabulous!  Sugar is enjoying her vacation as just one of the many fancy dancy ponies.  And when I say many...  we went from three barn mates to 45.  I believe that the "competition for attention" has made her even more puffed up which has given me some beautiful lengthenings and more cowbell in her trot.
  • Grrrrr is coming back!  Riding with the kind, patient City Barn Instructor in a group lesson is really helping with my head issue.  And my new co-lessoner has a beautiful, rhythmic, no-fuss event horse that helps me calm the savage beast within. Alone, waiting for my Snowbird Trainers to return would not have produced the same results.
  • Cursing like a sailor does not work as well in the City Barn!  (Yes, mom...  I do need work in this area... you raised me right-environment changed me.)  My mantra when Sugar was naughty jumping was, "You will jump this effen jump!"  Note to self - a big NO NO in a barn with a kids program. 
  • Watching other fancy, dancy ponies go ups my game.  I see, I learn!  Simple as that!  (Poor Sugar!)
  • My Bestest Eventing Buddy - a full member of the Dunkin' Donuts Event Team, just bought a new pony and she's coming to the City Barn.  The 2012 Eventing Season has so much hope and promise that I can not stop smiling!
  • Today, I ride in a dressage clinic with a BIG NAME TRAINER.  I am psyched!  
On this Sunday morning, I am fully embracing my perky self!  It's all good and I am so glad to be a part of that!

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Amy said...

Yay! Congrats on getting the GRRRR back. Good on you!
Am working on mine. Slowly but surely.