Tuesday, March 27, 2012


I can not get enough of this video on the delightful Honey Badger (PG rated for language).  Like the hyena, I laugh at it every time... that's right, everytime.  Still giving thanks for fellow blogger for putting my head on straight with her inspirational themed blog (salty language warning)...   My performance self will now clearly be the Bad A** Honey Badger (BAHB)...  'cause the BAHB don't give a sh** (not care)!

Used with permission

My entry to King Oak Farms Spring Horse Trials has been sent and I am back in the game.  Now, let me be honest...  KOF has not ever been the best of our outings...  ever.  The atmosphere is electric, tight warmup areas and stadium jumping is within earshot of the dressage arenas.

My lil' girl often stays home and sends her evil twin Saccharin in her place.  Oh, we have a solid record there:
  • Dressage scores that would make you proud if you were competing at a USEF or International competition. (Yes... once a 53.)
  •  Elimination in stadium at the last jump in front of lots of spectators
  • A stop on XC at the second jump in front of lots of spectators
Despite the actual Event being extremely well run, with beautiful jumps and great footing...  I decided several seasons ago to put my efforts into volunteering rather than in humiliating myself.

Used with permission

But, guess what?  My Inner B A Honey Badger don't ride backwards!  'Cause the BAHB don't care!  This year... we do not give a sh**!  We'll ride like we don't care...  no matter what!  This year, KOF will be ours!  We do not ride backwards...

And, this past weekend, fully prepared to evoke the Inner BAHB at our weekend Jumping Intensive, Sugar and I only needed a moment and then we rode like the Hunter Princess.  We had the brains, the presence and the desire to be balanced, rythmic and forward... jumping strongly and calmly ... in stride.  My smile could be heard 'round-the-world!

Sugar and I are moving forward...  'cause we don't care no more about the past


Miranda said...

I love the honey badger. So funny. Honey Badger don't care! Honey Badger Bad A$$

Kelly said...

LOVE the confidence of this post - go girls!!!

Me said...

Great post! I'd say good luck but you and Sugar don't need it. You're going to be great!

Amy said...

You know it, sistah! BAHB don't give a sh#@! The past is in the rear view mirror, it's history, and BAHB doesn't give a sh$@ about history!
ROCK ON!! You will be FAB!
(and thanks for the shout out!)

Amy said...

LOVE this mentality!

SprinklerBandit said...

Way to be!

Amanda said...

Sounds like a win to me!