Thursday, March 15, 2012


Love struck... sigh!
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Forget Daylight Savings Time, the sweet song of the winter flock or that hint of color peeking through the gray landscape...  Really? 

There is nothing that says Spring more than the loud boisterous croaking from a love struck Spring Peeper.  Almost like flipping a switch, one night it's a quiet calm with just a rustling here and there of a woodland creature avoiding a night hunter and then the next night....  Woooooo  hooooo!  Let the partying begin!  Call out to everyone SPRING IS HERE!

And the Snowbirds begin their trek north... posting their last sunsets with palm trees, silhouettes against the darkening sky.  We've lived vicariously through their pics, posts and videos... smiling with the Great Ones, jumping the course at Red Hills, watching Grand Prix in Wellington and cross country schooling at Longwood.

Yup, that's our ears...
OUTSIDE in February!
Ha, guess what Snowbirds?  It's been pretty good up here in New England.  Dat's right!  We've been outside more than we've been in...  the footing's been so good that we've even jumped in the Outdoor.  While we may not be tanned, we are fitter, we are acclimated to the outdoors and we're so ready for you to do some serious butt whuppin'!

So, I listen to the chorus, the croaks, chirps and squeaks...  I luf the Spring Peeper! 

Opening Day is next Tuesday and we're about to begin our own series of croaks, chirps and squeaks...  Let the games begin!

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