Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Tragedy brings out stuff in all of us.  It makes us think.  It heightens the reality of that moment when you look at what you have and thank god for all that is good and safe in your life. Carpe Diem - Seize the Day because now is all that you have. And, make that now...  great!

The fire at True Prospect Farm truly was a tragedy.  We felt it so closely because Boyd Martin is our rising star.  Did we not cheer him on at Rolex 2010 when he and Neville Bardos made the course look easy?  And, those kids?  What of those working students who did what they could do to save the horses - their partners and friends?  Could we not feel their pain?  I cried for them as much as I cried for the horses.

It takes a village...  I don't think...  no, I know, my non-horse-folk family can not understand the fascination I have with horses.  Actually, I could say almost anything about them in my posts because they don't read them (OK, Maureen does) because "its about horses".

Embedded in these stories about horses is a community of friends who support you, keep you together, help you laugh when sometimes you want to cry, cheer you on and sometimes push you when you want to quit...  They are the Village... (hmm or are they enablers?)

All of us have many stories where our horse girl peeps took care of us, of our horses and even our dogs.  I read about them in blogs, on bulletin boards and on Facebook. 

I guess this post today is about gratitude for all the people in my life - past and present - that have enabled (emphasis on this word) me to do all that I do.  So, for today, let me give thanks to my villagers, in no special order:
  • Dressage Trainer - you rock!  You have made Sugar and I better together than I ever expected.  You have the patience of a saint - feel free to take your crop out and wack me a few times when I whine too much.
  • Eventing Trainer - Huge thanks...  who'd thunk I would be thinking of a move up to Training or could believe that maybe,one day,  I could do Prelim.  I love your team, students and working students... 
  • Barn Owner - ahhh...  The Vortex rocks!  You challenged me to be a better rider through being afraid to tell you we tanked at a show.  And, foxhunting?  WOW!  Thanks...  no, really, THANKS!
  • Eventing Buddy - You make me laugh!   You know so many "stories"!  And you sooo smaht!  I luf you!
  • Devil Child - Sug loves her Wednesdays with you!  You make us both happy and smile!  The Convict and Lil Boy luf you!  So much talent... 
  • New Barn Girl - the perfect addition to the vortex!  Did not know that such a lil thing could lift and stack two tons of hay. And,you are so funny!
  • Chief Operating Officer - silently, efficiently you organize the team, keep the inhabitants tidy and neat... without you FBF is lost...  you make us safe and secure...  thanks! 
  • Blonde Babe with perfect t--s - Awww...  you listen to my stories and cheer me on...  priceless
  • The Don - you get things done and lend a hand when you can...
  • Work Buddy - you like this world and you make me laugh
  • Novice Rider Groups - how great are you folks...  unlike the Beginner Novice folks - you laugh in the warmup, offer great wry suggestions and are really confident and cool...
  • Stabling Friends - you pop up every overnight...  you have food and drink to share, tell great stories, laugh alot and make every event a "showcation" by offering entertainment.
  • Hunt Club Peeps - you think I'm braver than what I am and because you think that...  you make me so!  Awesome
  • Dog walker - you make it easy to have two boys and still have a horsey life.  You offer rather than take.
  • Long-Lining Goddess - because, without you, Sugar would still be home and afraid of the trailer, and your Long Lining sessions are poetry in motion.
  • Vets, farrier, masseuse, chiropractor/acupuncturist - you keep the princess well and happy
  • Facebook "Friends" - you're funny and you support my craziness through your "LIKES"
  • My sister - cause I love that she reads my writings even if they are about horses.
I am grateful tonight.  I am sure I haven't finished the list...  I'll update in comments and feel free to add your own.  Thanks...  no, really, THANKS!  Love you lots! 

Off to hug my pony and da boys!

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