Sunday, June 12, 2016


Smiling with a zest for life albeit a bit slow
Jonah got up this morning with his tail wagging, his eyes eager for the adventures of a Sunday morning and lame in his right front foot.  His breakfast contains a pain reliever and his dinner a glucosomine/chondrotin supplement to support his aging joints.  He is a 10.5 year old Labrador Retriever who is living in the moment while his person is staring at the twilight of a long adventurous life.

Way back when!
Yesterday, I believe, that this gentle soul with a huge eating disorder and selective hearing walked his last cross country (XC) course.  It makes me sad to have to be the responsible parent and take care of him when it is his very nature to go to extremes until he is exhausted or worse, hurt.  Yet, yesterday, I wanted to give him that one last time to walk the course, bathe in the water jump and greet everyone walking by.

Another lab testing out the water complex!
Jonah hurts today and as a dog, he lives in the moment.  As a human, I feel ok with giving him that one last XC walk even though there is a hint of guilt at seeing him so lame.  He is not going to remember this last time when I leave him home with his beloved dog sitter while his young brother walks many, many more courses.  No, he lives in the moment.

Sometimes and somewhat reluctantly, you have to be the parent.  And sometimes, I just want to be the neighborhood kid that gets everyone in trouble and then, goes home without a care in the world leaving chaos in her wake.

Today, I am the responsible one and acknowledge that my beloved Convict may have completed his last cross country course walk.  Today, I am the parent and grateful for that one last time.

Parenting is tough!


Austen said...

My older husky is hitting the same point. It's heartbreaking to leave him home while I run the other one. I'm trying my best to live in the moment, in the same way as him. His happy smile when he sees me is often worth my internal conflict.

Unknown said...

I didn't get my first dog until I was an adult, and he's still quite young and in his prime. When this happens to me, I know it will be hard <3

Olivia @ DIY Horse Ownership said...

I always say owning a dog is owning eventual heartbreak. It's so hard when they start to get old.

Cricket said...

Sorry Suzanne. It's so tough when they get too old to do the things they love. Being firm and leaving them home is tough. Hugs to you.