Sunday, March 6, 2011


Jonah (aka the Convict), you see, was born to retrieve.  Serious and determined, he brings things to me - toys, balls, gloves, shoes and his most important prize - socks.  For him, the smellier the better!  A Lab needs a job to be happy and, Jonah lives in a joyous world.

A Vet once told me to wrap his pills carefully in salami, or bury it in a piece of cheddar cheese and, if that doesn't work, hide it in a tablespoon of peanut butter.  I looked at him incredulously,  "Really?  Hide it?  Really?"  Then I laughed, turned to Jonah and flipped the pill in the air ...  CAUGHT, SWALLOWED! 

We horse girls got together last night...  and you know how that goes....  good food, wine, big laughs and tales about our rides, our divas, men and a dive into ... uh, girl talk (and that is where I stop lest this becomes an R rated writing).

The Convict violated his parole that evening.  Left alone and wandering about, he relapsed into his food thievery.  His buffet included Natural Dog Food, Puppy Food and the latest high protein Cat Food.  I even think he helped our host clean the litter box.  

Heroically, the next morning,  he forced himself to eat his breakfast...  then lay bloated and panting...  content with his deeds.  For me, I was just thrilled that I wasn't dealing with a vet bill.  That is until... well, a gentle hissing sound released from his bottom.   

For 24 hours, the air freshener of the day was "Summer Skunk" ...  not to be found in a Yankee Candle collection.  It is the gift that keeps giving!

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