Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Sug's a mare...  typical in the manner of an alpha mare...  she wants me when she wants me.  Her greeting is inversely proportional to the amount of hay she has...  a delightful whinny?  No hay and she is alerting the world that her STAFF has arrived.

I walked into the barn this morning and Sugar was particularly needy... Her normally "neat" stall was a bit of a mess... bare patches and piled shavings seemed to indicate a restless night.  She left hay, was she colicy?  She didn't seem to stand square... is her back sore?  Something wrong with her right foot?  Why is she staring at me? Why isn't she eating her hay?  What does she want?  
I never had kids.  I didn't plan it that way...  it just came to be.  Sometimes I wonder if I would have been one of those mothers that bubble-wrapped the kids, drove them to school everyday to prevent their kidnapping, worried, fretted and protected them so much that the other kids teased them mercilessly.  I wonder.  And, then I think...  I made a better Aunt than a Mom...  (more on that some other day).

My Eventing Buddy's (and full-time rider in eventing's Double Wide Short Bus) horse has an ache, a real one!  All those questions and more churn in her head...  mine too.  'Cause we Eventing Buddies rally and feel every fall, every ache, every dream and every pain.  WE want to run, play and have fun! 

Area 1's season is opening soon, the opportunities are endless and our dreams run wild.  The ache is probably just that... an ache.  And I'm sending wishes to that effect...  an ache, that's all!

And, I'm sure Sugar is fine...  I just wish that she could tell me.  Tell me what you want, tell me what you know, tell me if an ache is just an ache!  JUST TELL ME, PLEASE!


Seema said...

Yeah last line in my post today, "It would be nice if they could just talk!"

Suzanne said...

Funny how that is... how easy it would be if they could just tell us...

Sterling Bishir said...

Where did you get light blue tape!? I've been looking EVERYWHERE for it!