Monday, March 21, 2011


A workaholic's job is never done...  every moment planned and scripted...  to be more EFFICIENT, to get more things done...  chanting in your head...  "I need more time...  I need more time!"

Saturdays are truly God's gift...  Sometimes I hear folks talk of the strange phenomena called sleeping in and I wonder...  WHY WOULD YOU EVER WANT TO SLEEP IN!!!!  Life is to be lived!  There are things that need to be done!  There are worlds to explore, puppies to pet, horses to feed...  a day to be done!  Burnin' daylight!

Now, I don't love the alarm clock and I don't wake singing "Oh Happy Day!"  Yet, once my feet hit the ground, I feel the energy surge, "Let the day begin!"  (Honestly, there is something about just a little 24 oz Dunkin Donuts that aids that feeling... just a lil' bit!)
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The Tra-la-la Saturday has a beginning, a shadow of a plan and no real ending.  I let the day take me and move to the beat of whatever I desire.  Let me emphasize...  WHATEVER I DESIRE...

Today's "plan" began like all weekends, feeding the horses and cleaning Sug's stall.  But why just clean a stall when you could fix the bulging stall mats, scrub the buckets, level the paddock and work on the cobwebs.  Oh, the trailer...  let's clean and reorganize the trailer and while you're at it, organize the storage boxes so that the show stuff is on top ready for the first show.

Then of course, you have The Ride...  and today's was amazing.  Balanced, soft, forward and, light.  Alone in an indoor filled with distraction - the same ones that have been there for weeks, the very same ones Sugar finds fresh and scary.  Yet, today she was mine.  Her mind was clear, her sound body light and agreeable.  I asked and she gave...  I let go and she got rounder and bigger.  It was a heady feeling!

Singing with the joy of living, I finished... still so much more to do!   It was a gentle tra-la-la through the day...  food shopping, a horse girl lunch trading riding stories, a joyful hound walk with the teenage pups, tack cleaning...  oh if there was only more time.

At the end of the day, Jonah was snoring on the couch...  exhausted.  It was a good day to be alive and well!  Sometimes, I think...  "more naps, that would be good too."  Maybe, next Saturday....

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