Sunday, March 13, 2011


I crack myself up sometimes...  But you really have to listen to this song while reading ...  it so exemplifies how I feel about the first Event of the season...  Dat's right!  UNH Horse Trials, the first Event in Area 1 opens on Tuesday!  Woot!  Woot!

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As I write that first check and sign my name to the entry ...  I can not express how excited I am.... oh, so joyous and free!!!  Soon I will be out of the indoor, running and jumping.  I fully expect my lil' Spring Hussy to have some serious and expressive hijinx in the dressage warm-up!

Opening Day...  this will be the year of all years!  I will have the best dressage tests and we will jump in stride, we will move up to training, we will go to the AECs and of course we will do a Training 3-day!   {{{{And there is much rejoicing!!!  The crowd rises in unison, the roar is deafening!}}}}

Yet, as that envelope drops and the mailbox clangs shut...  I wonder...  Am I ready?  Can I do it?  Maybe I should wait until King Oak,  maybe even start in June?  Hold on...  I haven't seen the ground for over 4 months...  what if we aren't ready?  What if I can't jump again?  What if I completely humiliate myself in front of everyone?  WHAT WAS I THINKING?

And like any other good overachieving, perfectionist and workaholic,  I promise the universe to eat better, to exercise more, to do 100 sit ups a day, to work without stirrups, to do anything not to humiliate myself at that very first and very exciting first event of the season...

Then...  I'll keep on singing...  OH HAPPY DAY!  We're doing it again!  OH OPENING DAY! 


Suzanne said...

I really think this was just an excuse to listen to Etta James sing O Happy Day!

MARGIE said...

I love this post!!!! It says it all . . . how did you get inside my head?

Suzanne said...

Thanks Margie... It made me laugh to put my conflcted emotions on paper. I was pretty sure we all thought like that!