Tuesday, August 16, 2011


Back when I had mojo
Valinor HT 6/12/11
Used with permission
Riding in the car with my old boyfriend was kind of fun... that is until we needed to get somewhere at a designated time.  Way back when, before Mapquest, before GPSs we used paper maps or Triptiks...  I know, call me crazy, but we even asked local folk for directions.  

I live a purposeful life...  Now, that can be a most fabulous gift or a curse.  You see, order, purpose and habit are three things that guide (no, really, they pull) me towards doing the next right thing.  I get up.  I walk the dogs.  I feed the horses and clean Sugar's stall.  I shower, eat and go to work.  I ride after dinner and walk the dogs after the ride. Oh, this life is peppered with adventures nestled in all that routine.  It is how I move about the world.  (More on the adventures of a commitment-phobe at another time.)

Is there anyone out there that can give me directions?  You see, I believe I've lost my way somewhere right after the third jump on the Novice cross country course at Groton House Farm.  It appears that none of the roads before me seem right and that stall rest has left me confused and disoriented.  What were we working on?  How do I get Sugar to do that?  What shows were we going to?  What level?

Way back when... growing mojo
BN @ Valinor HT 2009
My body is almost healed.  Strength is returning and the ache is manageable.  Yet, I feel that there is an invisible barrier holding me back.  I think I lost, not only direction, but I think I lost my Inner Cowgirl.

My GPS is on the fritz.  When should I begin jumping?  When do I go out for my first gallop?  Can you help me locate my mojo?

Hey you!  Can you give me direction?  Can you kick start my return?


Barbara said...

You will be fine. You are still healing. You jump when you cannot stand not to. Ditto galloping, showing, listing goals etc. It will all fall in place, just let it.

MARGIE said...

Someone said to me once, "when you are begging to jump bigger fences, then it is time." Same applies, I think---- Keep being inspiring--no pressure!

Suzanne said...

Thanks Barbara and Margie. Getting this out actually helped me put on jumping tack and work in my 1/2 seat. It felt good... yeah it felt good... sigh...