Monday, October 24, 2011


So, as confessionals really go...  I suck at math.  Oh, I am a bit handy when it comes to a calculator but without that powerful little tool...  {{{SIGH}}}. 

"If you look really carefully,
you can see a dog"

What I DO have is a knack for calculations when it involves adding 9 minutes to time for each smack of the snooze button.  That I can do AND I can even manage in a stage of semi-sleep to calculate two different intervals on two different alarms assuring that I make it somewhere on time.  It's a gift...  Yup, I won't be solving the economic issues of our day...  but I will know what time it is if I hit the snooze three times.
You would think that I am not a morning person...  or that I dread getting up and out of bed.  I say to you...  No way...  If I am in bed at 7am, I have officially slept in!  
A tired dog is a good dog!

Mornings... ahhh...  When folks are catching those last few moments of shut-eye, I'm out, with the boys in tow...  feeding the horses and enjoying the quiet before the rush.  It brings me peace.  It brings me joy. 

This morning was one of the good ones.  We had a bit of a cold snap in New England and I left the house in a fleece sweatshirt and a windbreaker... Freezing... who knew it was 34 degrees?  The boys and I both needed a good walk - done as the sunlight came over the hill.  Creatures were rustling in the woods...  I could hear them ...  maybe a racoon returning from a quick trashcan run or a squirrel for the Convict to hunt.  The Lil' G-Pirate was happy to sniff along our frosty path...  this, of course, is his first Fall.

It's all worth it!
The barn was warm and it felt soothing after the chill of our walk.  There are whinnies for attention and food.  I am still Staff in the eyes of the barn inhabitants... the King bangs if I am too slow, the Prince shakes his head in mild irritation if his hay is not at his feet to chase his breakfast down, the Donkey has a whole routine to show his displeasure at what he feels is my clumsy attempts to feed him first. And, the Princess... well, she can be most patient as the last horse fed... she is unwilling to let the help know that she is hungry. You see, a Princess doth not deem herself the equal to her stablemates.

A clean stall...  done just so...  tired hounds... I'm off to work...  paying for these early morning pleasures.  What a perfect way to start a day... 

Life is, indeed, good!

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