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The List just kept getting bigger
I am that person who fills out comment cards, completes satisfaction surveys and submits evaluation forms.  I value my opinion that highly...  Oh, no...  what I really mean is that I think people/organizations who want feed back should get them...  {{{phew... that was more politically correct...}}}

So, for the most part, if you were to collect all of my Event Evaluations...  you will find pretty clear, concise comments and suggestions. 

And, for the most part, I judge my overall satisfaction (after scoring) on the placement of the Port-o-Potties.  You see, I am a...  um...  well... middle-aged (yes, I am) female and if you consider that AND the fact that...  um...  I get ...  um...  nervous...  you will truly understand the importance of such placement and its correlation to satisfaction.

I generally don't nit pick because I "truly understand" the challenges of putting together a horse trial and the fact that we need more Events and not less.  Eventing Rule #5 perhaps?  Don't piss off the Organizer?
More cowbell...
we need more cowbell!

Yes... before Friday...  I TRULY UNDERSTOOD the challenges of putting together a Horse Trial!  Of course I did, I went to the Area 1 Annual Meetings every year.  I volunteered at Events...  jump judging, parking, ring steward...  whatever they needed I made myself available.  I could see the intensity, the folks moving about and making things work... these people were intense.  I UNDERSTOOD.

Uh... not even a clue and I couldn't even fathom how much work these folks put in to give us our day's pleasure.  Not even close...

It was my idea to tie
 cornstalks in a bow
(just sayin')
Course Brook Horse Trials Second Annual Horse Trials completed yesterday.  I volunteered the day before...  and I am still wowed at how little I knew and how much I assumed.  And, the Organizers are three woman - Nici, Laura and Erika - eventers...  not farm owners, not rich benefactors, just riders who board and work at this beautiful farm who saw the possibility and made it happen.  (I wanted to title this...  The Little Engine that Could.)  These folks are us... volunteers but the grand poopahs of volunteering.

Me?  I rode in the gator.  I helped decorate and put the final touches on the jumps after the TD and Pres of the Ground Jury made recommendations.  And if you got lost going from parking to the dressage rings or stadium, blame me!  I helped with the signage.  And seriously, if you walked XC two or three times and still needed two arrows pointing to the start, well...  survival of the fittest if you know what I mean.

I guess the three things that came out of the ride in that gator (other than indulging in my love for all things golf-cart-like) were:
  • Answer to nagging question # 1 - Is the Event a money maker?  No.  The first year they had to upgrade rings, footing and enhance all the jumping phases.  They are hoping that they make just a little this second year.
  • Nagging question #2 (after watching the team run themselves ragged on just this day before) - Do you get paid?  NO! 
  • And this last statement uttered from my lips is the most important -- "Next year...  I'll be part of your team of Organizers from the very start."  {{{What was I thinking?}}}
You know...  I don't know where they placed the Port-o-Potties...  I guess the trailer and a box of tissues will just have to be OK...  {{{Horse girls are feral, you know!}}}
Our masterful decorating... 
Lauren's pumpkin placement
and my randomness! 
Gotta excel at something!

Note - Janet was the Volunteer coordinator and she was spot on perfect in making sure you showed up. And, a huge shout-out to my girl Elyse for driving her Prelim-riding-self two hours east to jump judge...  that's commitment!

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Weaseldancr said...

I just recently found your blog and am greatly enjoying reading all your back stories. This one made me laugh out loud and made my non-horse boyfriend look at me funny (yet again). Only THIS time was different! I could explain something he could understand! Needs more cowbell!!

Thank you!! He never understands my horse stories, but THIS he got!