Monday, April 23, 2012


2012 - First Show Pic
Photo by
Carol Burkahart

I guess the mythology around that song is about lost love and, by tying a yellow ribbon around the oak tree, you hope that your love will be able to find his/her way home...  Kind of like my posts but with words, huh? 

Yesterday, at AKF's Combined Test, I cut the yellow ribbon off of my oak tree and placed a red ribbon on the door of Sugar's stall.  And as my trainer said there is just one more test left to determine the soundness of my mind and the full-time return of my GRRRRR!

The short version:
  • Angry Mare Hijinxs in the Warm-Up.  I send my apologies out to all those Beginner Novice riders out there for the hop, spin and prop antics of the lovely, white, fully braided, big horse. 
  • And more apologies to the dressage judge for the two big spooks at her judges box.  Although, rustling paper and the click of a pen can be pretty scary for a "horse that will be better with more experience".  Oh, and the jig in the free-walk... well, a girl's gotta get going...  Eights are nice to offset the fours. 
  • Starting the season with a 36 is better than some other years... at least she was rideable.
  • And, jumping was spectacular.  My Lil' Pinto Pony was a pure pro...  She jumped and then looked eagerly to the next jump...  hungry for more...  makes me soo happy.
Now, I had ego issues when Eventing Trainer suggested dropping back to Beginner Novice to "get a good one in".  Internally I stomped my feet and held my breath...  "Wasn't I once a Contender?"  But even with my own version of a hissy fit, I knew she was right.  Better to want more at the end of the day then wishing differently. Right?!

Used with permission
Oh yeah!  RIGHT!  As I got Sugar ready for Stadium Jumping, the thoughts were running wildly in my head...  "No, you can't do this! It's too hard!  I'll start in June, July...sometime this summer... what's the rush!  I'll do dressage shows and hunt!  I CAN'T do this again!" 

All the coping skills came back to me as my Bestest Eventing Buddy helped me get her ready... "I can manage this!  Sit Up and Kick!  I can manage this!"

The warm-up was mediocre... burped over the oxer until my Eventing Trainer kicked my brain in gear:


So simple...  And, we both powered to the jumps...  AND, it was awesome!  I believe that, if you asked Sugar, she would agree...AWESOME!!!! 

I found my love again...  and although the red ribbon was nice...  my smile is priceless!!!!


Anonymous said...

Good going! Sounds like it worked out to be fun in the end, as well.

SprinklerBandit said...

Conquering that remaining fear is so hard and so rewarding. Not too long now and you won't even remember what being afraid feels like! :-)

KC said...

CONGRATS! A job well done! Here's to a fabulous year ahead...lots of little stepping stones pave the way to big moments. You and Sug are on your way!

Amanda said...

Congrats!! Sounds like it was a great experience!

Kelly said...

Much share your secrets to blinding whiteness with me!!!

Wonderful job at the show!