Sunday, March 3, 2013


The founders of Facebook refuse to add a DISLIKE button.  Their idea of social networking was to promote community and foster fun with friends and family.  (Who knew that it would also promote more than just a few awkward pics of smooched up faces doing the sideways peace sign while strategically hiding a red solo cup in the background). 

Think about it, how many times would you just LOVE to hit the dislike button letting the poster know how you felt about a political post or two?  And, if you had a choice... would you be more likely to hit "dislike" over "like"? Hmmmmm....

I like to think of myself as a positive person.  You know, looking at the bright side, finding the silver lining and all of that...  I even evaluate my "talk", be it to self or to others, 'cause I want to be on the good side of positive thinking...  just a hair's breadth before being called annoyingly perky. 

So when Niall Quirk asked me to tell him what I liked about my warm up, I went on and on....  tight, not enough hind end, adequate trot - could be more, struggling to keep her engaged...  blah, blah, blah.  His voice, with that lovely Irish accent, stopped me in mid blather... "WHAT DO YOU LIKE about what you're doing?"

"What? Um? Uh? Well..... Uh...  She's not spooky?"  Still spoken in the negative but come on...  that's it?  That is all you got?"  {{{{SIGH!}}}}  Right! If I focus on what is wrong, wrong becomes the norm.  And if I can not feel what is correct and accept what is good, how does that attitude translate to Ms Sug?  Could it even be pleasant and good? 

So begins the transition, from a nit-picking, never satisfied, nagging fish wife to an open loving, yet demanding partner...  Feeling what is good, asking for more, being clear about our goals and enjoying the progress...

Ahhhhh, clinics and lessons... best marital counseling evah!


L.Williams said...

I LONNNNGG for a dislike button on facebook, but I dislike so much I just stay off the site, which has made me into a social hermit (because no one calls anymore).

Buuttt I liked this post a lot! ;)

Amanda said...

So easy to get into the nit-picking!! Great points and great post!