Tuesday, September 16, 2014


First and foremost, let me apologize for years of whining and more recently, for three and a half years of words that probably should have been kept to myself.  For me, show nerves (anxiety) = verbal diarrhea.   Words just spray from my mouth like a garden hose giving life to the dry earth...
The All Knowing
So, for the most part, at an event, I am not your Go-To-Person for wise advice...  unless, of course, we have just finished any phase at a multi-day show or just came off of XC.  Then, I'm your girl!  Just sayin!

We are lucky to love a sport so intense, so hard and yet, so fulfilling physically, emotionally and spiritually that are very participation makes us one.  And, as a competitor, I truly know that I am as alone as I want to be... 

You see... Wise Women are everywhere!  And over the last 3.5 years of intense worry and fret, I want to share some of your gems:

"My trainer told me to repeat as often as needed, "I am calm, I am strong and I am capable!" stated Newbie Training Rider.
My go to ER kit

"When I walk XC and feel anxious,  I say, in cadence to my footsteps, I am so lucky to be here.  I am so lucky to have my horse, I am so lucky to be able to afford this sport, I am so lucky to be able to walk this course, I am so lucky that my horse and I can run this course, I am so lucky to be here."

"I take Rescue Remedy before the warm up.  It just keeps the voices quiet enough to get the job done."

"Stay in the moment.  Jump one jump at a time.  If you feel that you want to retire, jump the next jump."

"Ask yourself, is it real (in the moment) or a story (a possibility of happening in the future)?  If it's a story, get back to what is real." Stressless Riding (http://confessionsofanaaer.blogspot.com/2012/01/stressless-eventing-fact-or-fiction.html) and (http://confessionsofanaaer.blogspot.com/2013_06_01_archive.html)

Photo used with permission
"I work on slowing my brain down, by exhaling after every jump.  It gives me time to think and I think it relaxes my horse."

"This is a gift for me... every second I'm in the saddle I just thank god that I have the opportunity to ride. And to be able to ride this horse, in a lesson with Eventing Trainer is the biggest gift at all. I try not to make mistakes and I want to do well, yet I always remember that every stride, every jump and every moment is to be cherished."

"Sometimes, winning is all about leaving the start box."

"To finish, all you have to do is start."

And, one of the kindest and most well timed card was sent to me as I was recuperating from hitting the tree.

 The front said:
"Never, never, never, NEVER give up. (Winston Churchill)"
The inside said:
"I'll never, never, never, NEVER stop cheering for you."

Happy Dance!
Sugar and I, for the first time since 2011, competed at Novice this weekend.  We jumped a Novice SJ course in the pouring rain and, my one thought as I left the arena - I LOVE JUMPING THIS HORSE OVER BIGGER JUMPS!

I had to withdrawl the next day before XC.  Sugar was NQR (some heat in the leg and off at the trot).  Good news is that the vet confirmed that it wasn't her check ligament but her right foot.   


Amanda said...

Rescue Remedy is GREAT for exactly those situations. I used to take some right before jumping when I had some confidence issues. Worked like a charm.

Jodi said...

I'm glad you were able to compete at Novice again. Sorry you had to withdraw, but I'm glad that it wasn't the check ligament. That is all great advice (even for a dressage rider) and I'm just getting ready to Google Rescue Remedy now ;)

Suzanne said...

I tried Rescue Remedy years ago and didn't notice a change. My friend gave me a pastille just before SJ warmup saying it quiets the voices which allows her to focus. Whether she planted that in my brain and it worked because of the expectation or it worked because it did it's job, I do not care. It worked. I also took one as I walked XC and all my negative self talk disappeared. That is huge!

Suzanne said...
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Boss Mare Eventing said...

bummer about the foot - but you were off to a great start!

KateRose said...

I'm planning to compete in eventing for the first time ever (as an almost 30 year old). I will be referring back to this post :)

Amanda said...

That's a bummer you had to withdraw but yay! that you jumped stadium and had fun!

eventer79 said...

Blogger has been thwarting my comments, but I won! Congratulations on your achievement, I know what a journey that has been!

Every ride truly is a gift to be treasured. I don't have whatever the heck the Remedy thing is, but I may or may not have valium... <3