Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Before new shoeing
Sometimes I wonder about what kind of mother I would have been...  I mean, if you've read even some of these posts, you may have already answered that question...  pushy, neurotic, overprotective and, maybe...  just maybe a bit too reactive.   And, show stress can really make me cranky and impatient...  hmmm, I wonder....

No feet, no horse...  I've been worrying for a long time about Sug's feet...  Do they hurt?  Why does she stand that way?  Will the wedges she needs to give her heels, destroy what is healthy and good for the long term?  Is that thrush?  White line?  Why does she stand that way?  Do her feet hurt?  Hey, horse, tell me something, please?

Well, the farrier changed her shoeing this week.  My friend asked me, "Why would you do that at the beginning of the season?  When she isn't lame?"   Because, something is not quite right. 

My lil' Diva will have a Angry Mare fit if you move the boxes in the indoor and she will be inconsolable if one of the horses shifts in their paddock.  Yet, she can take pain like nothing I've ever seen.  Maybe, if I don't take care of her now, she won't know enough to tell me that it hurts until it is too late.

If Sugar shopped for her
own shoes

We all know that it's nervewracking to change...  hairdressers, doctors, dentists... our farriers are just like that.  What if its all wrong?  What if its a horrible mistake?

Yet, Sugar stood there in his shop...  square on all fours, licking and chewing on the cross ties as he worked on her feet.  Her comfort was evident.  When we came home, she stepped out of the trailer and her foot falls were light and free. 

I do wonder...  if I was a mother, would I have been a good one?  Well, maybe, just maybe, that's why God gave me a horse, a dog and lots of nieces and nephews. 

And I'm good with that!

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Kelly said...

Just happened upon your blog and am loving it! My daughter is beginning her second season as an eventer - beginner novice - with her 15 yr old TB. I am just beginning my dressage career on my 4 yr old WM mare - bought her as a yearling. My girl is blk & white - more black than white, thankfully!