Friday, April 8, 2011


I would love to make this little post a tutorial on how to perfect the grooming of a white horse.  That would make me happy and, really, make you think I am just a little bit nutty.  The kind of nutty that lives in a glass house constantly and meticulously spraying and wiping down the walls with window cleaner  chanting, "Wax on.  Wax off" over and over again.  I think I'll save that for another time.

Sugar and I are entered in a schooling two phase.  A prep for our first recognized show at the end of this month.  It was so easy to enter, post closing date.  Just a quick call and there we are...  starting the season on April 10th. 


And, here we go...  My show anxiety comes in two forms (maybe three).   This is the big one.  You see,  I have a white horse.  It's April! It's not fair to bathe her when the temps have yet to rise above 60.  I hate to see her shivering.  I hate to see her pink skin look blue.  And, why are my times so god awful early?  Doesn't the show secretary know that I have a white horse?
Example of my grooming, not riding

Getting to the barn the morning of a show is particularly nerve-wracking?  Did she lay her beautiful head on a soft warm pile of fresh manure?  Is it going to be a brief wipe kind of morning or one with a rushed, cursing, wet and whiney owner?   I hate the bathing ritual!  Hate it!  Hate it! 

Mostly, I hate it when it isn't perfect.  When the gleem of her coat has just a tinge of yellow from that one hardy stain I gave up trying to rub out...  (I am that bad!)


Maybe, I won't bathe her.  It's just a schooling show.  And, really, do I need to braid her?  Nah, no one else will.  It's just a schooling show.  No one will care...  yeah, no one will care...  It's just a schooling show.

Somewhere, deep in my core, I shiver.  Uh, no way.  So, Saturday night, I will be there, cursing and whining as I get my horse so white.  It won't be perfect.  I won't do that to her but she will look good.  And, if I'm walking her around the show grounds and you ask, "How do you get her so white?"  Walk away...  I may just tell you!  ;)

Oh, if my Eventing Buddy reads this, she could tell you the many ways my show stress translates into verbal diarrhea.


Gretchyn said...

Tell all! I too have a white horse. She's even more white than lovely Sugar is! I need to know!

Seema said...

This is why I only buy bay horses (with one chestnut exception, but he has roaning and spots so it hides the dirt)