Sunday, April 10, 2011


We all have preconcieved ideas of what should be...  And, sometimes having Expectations fixed in stone leave us empty when we fall short.  Yet, if I don't expect to exceed, if I don't show to win, what drives me to show up?  And, what if I expect is really used to prevent the awful...  where does that take me? 

Used with photographer's permission
Ah shucks...  really... Sugar was a good girl today...  I did not bring home the polyester...  I did not have a dressage score below 35 and due to a severe brain fart, we had a rail in Stadium.  Oh, did I mention that  Sugar was a good girl today!  AND I HAD A GREAT TIME RIDING HER!  

Oh the stories I could tell about expecting to WOW a dressage judge and then barely being able to contain my Angry Mare.  Even today's test had the beginnings of a doozy.  Entering down centerline my 12 year old WELL TRAINED dressage/event horse had a moment of terror at the approaching Judge's Box.

As we fish-tailed down towards it, she delicately lifted her front end into a left-hand spin.  I encouraged her "gently" to move forward into the left turn.  The 5's turned into 6's which finished as 8's.   Ah, a 37.  Having been at the end of a 54 more than once....  37 is delightful.

It was the jumping today.  My little spookmaster quirky girl was a rock star.

When I got to the barn at 4:30am this morning, Sugar was delightfully covered in manure from her neck down to her front feet.  That additional bath caused me to miss the "official" course walk.  I walked my course, sans Eventing Buddy and Coach.  And I went over it in my head and I watched others ride it.  I was as ready as I was gonna get.

Uh, tell me, how does one relatively experienced rider, get lost on a course with 9 jumping efforts?  Well, when I excel, I rise to the heap...  I got lost 3 times.  And each correction I made, no matter how blonde, was greeted with ...  "OH, OK...  jump!"   The one rail truly was my fault...  no horse could have jumped clean from that approach. 

So, I do expect to win!  And, I sometimes plan to not fail rather than plan to win!  The greatest feeling ever, is that moment...  that one moment when you know, that despite all that you might do wrong, you have a partner that will make it right. 

Sugar rocked my world today!  Priceless.


Barbara said...

Sounds awesome! A great, fun day.

Jessica said...

You just inspired a very sad and achy rider, thank you!!!

And your Angry Mare (love the A.M. in capitals) is lovely.

Thanks again, I needed to read this today.

Nancy said...

I'm glad you had a good day. One day you and Sugar will rock (on the same day), I know it!