Sunday, April 24, 2011


Work, work, work...  it's Easter morning, the barn peeps are fed, watered and as happy as they can be when their staff disturbs them at 6am.  Sug's body is bare to the world...  the morning sun glistening off of her pinto spots and bits of alfalfa escape her eager teeth.  It is a good morning at Fox Brook Farm and promises to be a glorious day!

 How I whined Thursday and Friday...  100% chance of rain - not mist, sprinkles or showers - pelting rain.  Saturday's Foxhunt was going to be canceled and so was my last chance to run and jump.  I needed to yank my inner cowgirl back out of her winter's hibernation or I wouldn't be ready for UNH Spring Horse Trials next weekend.  The pre-show anxieties were ready to roll!

Photo used by permission
Never doubt the heartiness of a die hard foxhunter.  Canceled, Smanceled...  we went out anyway, picking up markers for the new piece we were to hunt that day.  And, what was supposed to be a washout (and for me the beginnings of a pity party) ended up an amazingly fun faux fox hunt - sans hounds, huntsman - and my cross country school.   It rained, we laughed, we jumped, we cheered each other on and in the end...  we were the rock stars of our day!

Although, it must be noted... that as budding Fieldmasters...  uh...  we... uh... got lost!  Yet the laughter found us..

I have family to spoil today.  I'm sitting listening to a robin and on the hour, the church bells ring...  Seriously?  Life is what you make of it!  I choose to make mine good!

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Jessica said...

You are so right. You get one life, you might as well make it the best you can. With ponies. And Sugar is surely a looker.

Glad you braved the rain and had a fun faux fox hunt!

Thanks for your comments and support. I intend to take care of myself first, and whip Bar into shape as well. ;) Silly Thoroughbred doesn't know how good he's got it!