Friday, April 29, 2011


Show prep begins right now (really, right after I post this). I took off today and all the timing belongs to me. And, I am so happy and free 'cause the pressure is all mine!

I started Eventing in 2005 right after buying Sugar. My trainer, at the time, competed her while I was dealing with the treatment of breast cancer. The excitement of being an owner (and groom) and watching your horse compete was amazing and absolutely exhausting. (Chemo may have had a little to do with that.)

Running with a Professional is awesome... it really is. It was a non-stop whirlwind of daily activity. Our days began at 6 and ended well after 9. Travel day was the worst - often getting to the grounds at 10pm and finishing the night in a hotel at midnight. Eating was random... food and drink grabbed when you could and off to do another task.

I learned so much about the management of an Eventing operation. So much that I've become that person on the show grounds who has everything you need to borrow. I'm grateful for that!

As an Amateur with a full-time stressful job, I like to do show-cations. My fellow Eventers provide the daily entertainment with the stories they tell. Dressage, Stadium Jumping and XC are the main activities keeping me busy. I love the time away from my life patting my pony and snuggling with my very own convict.

Now, I plan to get to the barns at 3, get a prime parking spot, leisurely unpack, set up my stall and then... hack my horse, walk my courses once and then tuck her in for the night.

Maybe I'll get to watch a bit of Rolex, enjoy a hot shower and a healthy dinner.

Special note: If I post that I am late, exhausted, stressed and at the barns until 10... don't shake your head and say, "I told you so..." ;)


Suzanne said...

Ok... Got to hotel at 10:20... Oh well... Maybe it wasn't them!

Kelly said...

Looking forward to hearing about your show and pictures!