Wednesday, April 13, 2011


If you post pics on Facebook or shove a photo album in my hands, it is your lucky day.  I'm probably that one random person out there that WILL comb through each photo...  loving the moment captured.  Galloping, jumping, grabbing a quick kiss on the nose...  Here's a secret for you...  the photos can be of your family, the last vacation you took.  And, I'll even oooo and ahhhh over that picture of a colorful rock in your back yard. It doesn't matter, I love them all...  Me, me, me... let me see them now! 

I'm waiting for the pictures of our show to be posted.  And, filled with the hope that there will be that one picture where I look good!    (There I go again, confessing...)  I don't think of myself as vain.   I might even tell you, if you ask, that I love to look at them to "learn" more about the quirks of my ride.  Truth is...  I want to look great on my pretty white horse!

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My body is not perfect.  And, I seem to be gifted when it comes to the "awkward" pose or the concentrating frown. Once I decided to wear my glasses to see if it would stop the squinty pout.   The result was actually a study in hilarity!  Instead of wide open, curious eyes, I had a pig's snout...  curled up and thrust forward to catch the bouncing spectacles.  I kind of wished I bought just one.

This is one of my favorite "blooper"shots. It tells a story everytime I see it.  The determination and fierceness is palatable.  You see, it was taken in the "Season of Embarrassment".  The same season that Sugar's evil twin Saccarhine showed up more often than not.

2008 - We had gotten eliminated at the Spring Trial in Stadium just before Cross Country.  Sugar spooked, propped and spun...  I plopped off at the last fence in front of the judge.

That Fall , and at this, the third jump, she began to spook...  Still a bit of a Weenie Re-Rider and determined to not humilate myself in front of my first trainer, my old barn mates, Sug's trainer and my instructor, I found my GRRRRRRR and continued sans spook.  It was captured, forever, in this picture!

My Barn Owner has hundreds of great pics tucked in and around rows of colorful ribbons.  An eventing career displayed for all to see.  What I like best is her amazing smile... her photos singing "isn't Eventing the best"!!!!  Priceless...

Maybe, these pics will say the same for me! 


Barbara said...

I love 'grrrr' photos. Gettin it done!

Edible said...

The best... we joke about our facial expressions all the time some of us have the o face, a poo face or the crap shit face... awesome

Becky/Rebecca said...

Oh, honey, I think you're beautiful. (and Sug is, too!)

I don't have a "show mom" and I'm solo all the time, so I depend on the event photographer....and I TRY to explain that he needs to take off 20 lbs, fix my legs, and make me smile. He/she never quite comes through (except once, when I told him to concentrate on the horse, so I got a special category: "no head Rickly" where EVERY PHOTO had my head cut off. It was brilliant!).

So you're not vain. You just want to capture in a photo that magic that you and Sug share. :)

MARGIE said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one. The photographer always gets me at that moment when my face looks surprised. Wide eyed, open mouthed, slouching, not holding in my gut!

SprinklerBandit said...

I will confess to adding people as friends on fb just so I can look at their pictures. Also, I delete other people if I don't think they have very interesting pictures. Weird? Maybe.