Sunday, December 11, 2011


Dear (insert Friend or Family Member Name here),

It's that time of the year... yes, this is the annual Christmas Letter where I dazzle you with all of our accomplishments.  It is the medium in which I tell you that my family has reached the pinnacle of success, found a cure for orphan cancers, developed a World Trade Plan that will allow third world countries to develop green technologies and feed millions of formerly starving residents.  Yes, this is the time. 

Let me begin...  first the kids...  my, my, my they have grown this year and their talents are overwhelming...  I wish you could see all that they do...

Our own Convict has been especially busy.  He began the year on a very serious quest to improve his muscling and to.... well bulk up.  As a Labrador Retriever, Jonah was quite intent on finding and consuming all loose bits of food, which included an evening of binge eating puppy food and filling the night air with the most effervescent odor.   And we can all be grateful for his many successful attempts at cleaning out our trailers of anything edible, including a 10 lb box of dog treats.   No one was more diligent than he....

And then there was Chandler Bing, the lil' G Pirate...  I can only humbly say that this youngun' is destined to be a superstar.  Now, he will need time to develop some talents, like getting into the car and hopping up into bed...  but with his amazing gift for snuggling, does it really matter?  Could we not lump him into the "special" bucket that seems to be overflowing with my kids?

Sugar would be sure to tell you that this was a great year!  If only her rider could hang on better, than the ankle would have held up and we both would have galloped past instead of depositing said rider into the tree.  Sugar enjoyed her summer off which allowed her to be so much more exuberant Hunting.
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And then there was me...  you see, I am like all my animals...  talented in that "special" kind of way...  Kind of really, really good and yet...  um....  let's just call it developing...  like in working on it...  if you know what I mean...

2011 was an odd year and despite some set backs, it was a good one!  You see, I started the year out with a Convict and a Diva and then added a Lil' G Pirate which only added a richness I could not have imagined. 

But, ya know...  it really wasn't year about animals, about fabulous prizes, about awesome eventing, spectacular hunting...  not really.   It was the year of friends and family that helped when I was down, that gave me courage when I was filled with fear and loved me when I needed it most.  And, it was a year of random acts of kindness...  you all know who you are... Good Samaritan, New Barn Girl, Citified Country Girl, Devil Child, Blonde Girl with Perfect T--s, Chief Operating Officer...  this list goes on (It Takes a Village).

The 2012 Christmas Letter is going to be sooooo different...  Prepare to be dazzled by real accomplishment, total joy and an amazing list of stuff...  Yup..  a girl's gotta have goals!!!!  Let the games begin!

Merry Christmas!!!!!!

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KC said...

I love your letter (and LOVE the last photo of you and Convict!). 2011 was the year you described for many, I think - but few can put it so well!

Cheers to a great 2012 ahead!