Thursday, December 29, 2011

TOP 10 OF 2011

Foot Falls Forward
There are a few things I love about the week between Christmas and New Years.  The very first is the quiet at work... no one wants or needs me.  I get to clean up a year's worth of clutter and the stacks of "need-to-read-these-articles-for-professional/personal-development" papers that never move from the growing pile. 

And then, the very close second is, my all time personal favorite - Watching/reading Top Lists (of any sort) of 2011, I can not get enough of them.  I can hear myself now...  "I did not know he died!"  "When did that movie come out!"  "They got divorced, who knew!"  Once I stayed up to watch VH1's Top Celebrity Moments and fell asleep at #5...  3 hours invested and I still don't know who made #1.

Writing this Blog entertains me...  So, in the Spirit of the Season, here is my top 10 of 2011:
  1. The Tree Incident  (Landmarks vs Obstacles) changed the course of my year
    • Surely, I will walk my Cross Country Courses just a little bit differently next year
  2. The Convict has competition for my love or as my Bestest Eventing Buddy mentioned - I did find a husband in 2011 (Just a Cheater at Heart...) and it's follow up (Really? Chandler Bing? Oh No!)
    • This hound steals my heart and brings dog walking back into my life.
  3. Church on Sundays has a different meanings for us horsegirls (And Then There Was Light)
    • More "thank-you-gods" come from these quiet moments
  4. Horse folks rock (Karma Karma Karma...)
    • Eventers in particular are kind, helpful and well balanced.  This Good Samaritan takes it a step further.
    • And, let me add, through this blog and Facebook, I've learned that this man is an amazing teacher - as a horseman, as a competitor and as a person who knows a good life.  If your kids are his students, you've won a jackpot of huge proportions.
  5. One day can change your life forever - Be safe and live your life to the fullest! (One Day One Moment...)
    • My sister is a nurse and just reminded me of the importance of NOT texting and driving...  these stories should be told over and over again...  'cause sometimes you forget for just that one moment.
  6. Who does not love Opening Day?  (Oh, Opening Day)
    • This is the day of outrageous possibilities and I get to insert one of my favorite Etta James songs!
  7. Sneaking out of the house on a holiday for that special ride (Time Out)
    • Living life like a child with the abilities of an adult... there is nothing like the Thanksgiving Hunt!
  8. Moving forward after the Tree incident (Hysteria Doth Not Become a Lady)
    • A most cathartic moment even after violating the Four Rules of Eventing
  9. I was a Contender (Phew, Moving Up is Hard to Do) and (Oh To Be Pretty)
    • Moving up to Training Level was a real possibility and the learning potential was amazing. 
    • Need to remember this as I climb up out of my confidence issues.
  10. Hope is always there if you look for it (Doors Forever Opening and Closing)
    • My Bestest Eventing Buddy is still rehabbing her most forever friend while shopping for a "prospect".
    • 2011 was an Eventing bust for us both...  But the door is wide open for 2012!!!  Let the games begin
Going off to start again!
Photo by Jeff Phaneuf
 Ahhh, this may be it for 2011...  Writing is a gift for me and I've enjoyed reading other folk's blogs.  Thanks for being a part of it...

May you find peace, may you find joy...  look for it and it will be there for you!

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