Wednesday, December 21, 2011


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One of my most prevalent beliefs, besides Santa, is that Attitude Defines Destiny (hmm ADD?).  Work has been crazy-busy and since I am yet to be a MegaMillions winner, I embrace work with gusto.  I've been rushing to and fro getting things done.  And I still take care of Sugar every day, walk the dogs, ride 5 times a week...  Gosh, I really can do it all on 5 hours of sleep a day.  Yup...  superwoman... amazing!

Shhhhh...  don't tell anyone, but being superwoman is exhausting.  And, it makes me a cranky girl...  um, really cranky. 

This morning began like all others - up at 5:30am, walk da boys, feed the horses and clean Sug's stalls and then head to work.  Well, my attitude wasn't quite perky and when Chandler knocked the grain over and Jonah rushed in for the kill gobbling up as much as possible, I... well...  shrieked like a shrew and startled the entire barn. 

And despite the nice before-we-get-to-the-barn-walk, Chandler was antsy and if I moved too far away, he whimpered and whined.  And if I was out of his sight, he barked.  Jonah, over compensating for Chandlers antics wanted to be in my space which is also the space for the pitch fork and manure.  It was an awful display of whining and whimpering and that was just me!

The "look" before the
It looked like it was going to be a tough day and this superwoman was unraveling.  So if I really do believe Attitude Defines Destiny, all I need to do to have a good day was to make it a good day.  Smiling seemed to be the logical first step...  every person, no matter what their attitude, would get a smile and a Happy Holiday wish.  That's right, every single person.

Simple, huh?  I don't know what it did for them but for me, the stress left, time became irrelevant and things got done.   Oddly enough, things that needed to happen...  like a favor to benefit a negligent client, happened.  A solution to a big problem worked itself into the day and I got a huge referral from one client to a potential new one.  Gifts... all of them!

Tonight I will find the time to ride, finish my laundry, pack the dogs and I for the trip home and set Sugar up for my peeps to take care of her while I'm away.  I am filled with a calmness that has been missing for days (maybe weeks) as I rush to "finalize everything" before I head home to NJ.  That smile fills my heart and energizes my body (caffeine helps too).

I did not win the MegaMillions jackpot last night. I bought a ticket and I made plans, elaborate plans, to manage it. And yet, my numbers randomly chosen by a machine were not selected randomly by another machine. Maybe, just maybe... I was meant to win the even bigger jackpot this Friday.

It's time...  really time...  to let go...  enjoy... 


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