Thursday, January 13, 2011


Ahhhh, VICTORY! What could be better than a late night ride in a quiet indoor. The night even more silent from the buffer of two feet of snow. The only breaks in the silence were Sugar's footfalls, an occasional "good girl" and a shrill shriek or two... yelling at Jonah to leave the jump poles alone.

He was as focused as a neurosurgeon performing a risky surgery... his gaze was steady - something was there. He knew it! Suddenly, a pounce and then, frantic digging for nothing that I could see. Every pounce brought a spook and spooks are what did my ankle in. I wanted none of it.

You see, Jonah is a Labrador Retriever. He was born to bring things to me - not hunt but to retrieve. Catchy huh? Tonight he was a hunter... the prey would be his. Yet, 45 minutes later - nothing!

After my ride I went over to the jump pole, Sugar trailing behind me. I picked it up and in one second, Sug jumped, Jonah pounced and a mouse squealed and died. I never saw the catch/kill... I just saw one very, very pleased dog holding a dead mouse and he smiled... Life, for Jonah, is indeed good!

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