Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Photo Courtesy of Dexterpix.com
Work has been busy... well, really busy! And that is GOOD! Busy means that I can continue to enjoy this life I've put together for myself at the level and intensity I enjoy.

'Cause it IS about money and; not money to be better than or to have more things but to be secure. Giving to good causes and to people in need makes me happy. Honesty requires me to also add, that I like it for myself too.

Yet, this nose dive back into workaholism is destroying my social life. I work til 8 at night and then tell myself that I'll get back on track tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll start to reconnect with folks, ride more and better... tomorrow when this project is done, when the client is happy and when I have more time.

And, yes, Sugar is dirty. she has been sporting a manure stain under her right buttocks -- crusty and smelly -- workaholism keeps me just so far away that it has remained there for two days... taunting me - "You are not a good horse mom... good horse moms do not leave manure on white bottoms."

Balance... ahhh, that word creeps in and is luring me back to health. Balance... Sug can have a dirty bottom once in awhile and I can complete a task well and it doesn't have to be perfect.

(And, really... 1/11/11... are we going to spend the whole year getting excited about this... puh...lease!)

Photo credit - www.dexterpix.com

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