Monday, January 24, 2011


This is the time of the year where our dreams run wild... the Winter Omnibus is here and I get to plan a season.... MY season!

Someone said once that "we make plans and God laughs at them"! I soooo don't subscribe to that rule. I believe that dreams turn into goals and goals lead us to paths and paths cover a journey. Sometimes the path isn't what we planned but, with time, it led us to a different and sometimes awesome place...

I had so many plans last year which got kind of twisted... I orchestrated life events so I could achieve the perfect goal to finally ride at Groton House Farm (GHF)Horse Trials. I bid aggressively at the Area 1 Silent Auction... and finally won the bid by cutting a side deal with a mother whose daughter wanted to compete at GMHA. It was awesome! The elation carried me through the winter.

Then, Sugar... uh... fractured her splint bone five days before GHF and was out of commission for 8 weeks.... No Groton House, no Fitches Corner, no Millbrook... Still, I was very happy that I had a jumping horse at the end of her recuperation period.

So, the OMNIBUS IS HERE! I am thrilled to be at it again. A large Dunkin' sits next to me, a highlighter in one hand, a calendar in the other... which events? When? And, the neatest issue... WHERE do I move up? And when?

Of course, by the end of foxhunting season last year, I had embraced my inner cowgirl so much that she was running the show.... let's run, let's jump... let's GO! I was sooo ready for a move up that I am sure my trainers shivered just a lil' bit at my cockiness.

Then I got dumped.... {{{sigh}}} .... right at the feet of my trainer and eventing buddy. I 'busted" my ankle up - severely sprained - which takes time to heal.

I still have plans to move up this season... but my inner cowgirl is taking a long nap, maybe even hibernating... But, I found her and will not EVER forget that brazen ... yee haw... time!!!!

So excited! THE OMNIBUS IS HERE! Let the planning begin! And dream on....

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