Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Dressage is supposed to be elegant, sophisticated... a dance between horse and rider. And, for me, it is my "easy" phase... the one I should excel at!

Yet, when the going gets tough - I can't get the left bend or I'm hanging on the left rein or we're careening down to a tight spinning circle trying to get Sug to let go - I whine. I so don't want to be a whiner, but there I am. "This is hard!" "I don't like it!" "We suck!" "I CAN'T DO THIS!"

Tonight, I was told, not to suck it up, but that I am focusing on the problem and all that is wrong with the ride. In order for us to become free of the problem, I needed to focus entirely on what was right and what I wanted the ride to be!

It was the equivalent of a tap of the crop on my brain. RIGHT, yes you're right! I needed to think and feel the bend, the evenness of her body under mine and the strength in her hind end. That and only that should be the focus of the ride.
And, really? The lesson... really, was a lesson for life!

And, the whining... {{{{sigh}}}} I hate it!

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